BPM for Automotive

Leading installer of after-market vehicle accessories, based in Asia, integrates Workflow Automation with People Performance data

Client Business Challenge

Our client is a leading installer of vehicle comfort systems in the Pacific region, covering a broad range of cars, trucks and special purpose vehicles such as mining trucks.

The main business challenge was to optimize performance and standardize quality across the spectrum of installation types delivered via multiple service/repair points in multiple countries.

Comidor Solution

Our client benefited greatly from Comidor’s rich experience in the field of Business Process Management for vehicle inspection centers in Europe.

Our solution used features from our specialized automotive CRM solution to deliver an enhanced Comidor BPM platform. The solution serves the day-to-day operation of our client’s installation and repair of vehicle comfort equipment. The complete solution is cloud-based and is accessible via all PC/Mac/Android/iOs devices.

Key Benefits:

Advanced Task Management

Each task is connected to a business process within an advanced task management system. Teams can share their calendars, which include dynamic information on tasks categorized as “To Do”, “In Progress” or “Done”.

File Sharing with Dropbox, Drive and Box

Comidor’s advanced document management system includes file sharing, locking, versioning, view/edit rights, online editing and linking with tasks, processes and projects, all shared instantly. The system also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box so that users can access any of their files wherever they are located.

Process Templates and Scheduling

The management team can design processes that run automatically on certain dates and times, such as weekly maintenance schedules. Management can also create templates that can easily amalgamate data, for example for tracking issues.

Workflow Automation

Comidor provides the latest technology in workfow design (BPMN2.O) as a built-in function. Workflows can be easily connected to Processes and Projects, triggering activities to follow business rules.

User Timesheets/Timecards

The system provides a simple means for users to register their working times, which can then be reviewed in real time by their managers.

People Management Dashboards

Comidor provides rich functionality for the creation of custom views of data. This can be presented as dashboards, covering areas such as People, Projects and Process Management.

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