BPM for Business Consulting

Top business consultancy in SE Europe with over 25 years of operations, integrates Project Management performance with ERP data connectivity

BPM for business services – Client Business Challenge

The nature of Comidor platform suits perfectly to services based organizations, such as Business Consultants. Our key client, specialized in Business Management consulting required a platform to manage their services portfolio (business consulting, auditing, accounting, training) over a wide spam of clientele.

The key challenge is keeping both the high level information organized, as well as fine details, in a form of processes running/pending/delayed/ completed. Moreover, distinct divisions are organized on a fully projectized model (M&As), thus a common vehicle for running Processes and Projects, often for the same customers was required.

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Comidor Solution

The solution works on cloud (SaaS), providing a unified working environment for internal/external communications and operations management, as a complete BPM and Project Management platform.

Key benefits:

Internal communications promptness, with a fit for purpose in all task assignments.

Complete system with instant messages internally and external mails using our build-in email client.

External communications punctuality with clients.

Everything is in place, accessible over pc/tablet/phone

Complete transition from intranet folders to Comidor Document Management System

Comidor offers a complete build-in Advanced Document Management system with file sharing/ locking/ versioning/ view-edit rights, on line editing, linking with tasks/ processes/ projects, instant sharing. There is also system integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) systems integration.

Digital business run, with business process management

Full map of the generic processes that describe each core activity in the company (Sales, Payments, etc)

Advanced task management

Team use an advanced task management system, where each task is connected to a business process. Teams are capable to share their calendars which include dynamic information on works To Do/ In Progress/ Done

Workflow automation

Comidor offers a build-in state of the art Workfow designer (BPMN2.O), Each team can design their own workflows, triggering works as per the department’s business rules.

Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality baselines live monitoring, with KPIs connection through Process Dashboard

Each activity has a fit for purpose, with live performance tracking via KPIs

Effective people management, with bookings and time-tracking on projects

User’s working times are easily registered and can be matter of review by theirs line managers

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