BPM for Chemicals

World-leading chemicals company automates agricultural product operations

Client Business Challenge

Our client’s business challenge was to accelerate the process of conducting industrial trials of new chemical products. Data from each trial needed to feed through each stage of the process, with no information being lost or misdirected during the workflow stages. Trial data was being stored as a series of text documents, which was time consuming and also led to vital data correlations being missed during the review process. The client was looking for a BPMS to centralize, manage and constantly update trial data over long time periods. Only by doing this effectively could they achieve their vision of developing innovative new chemical products whilst both complying with legislation and contributing to the sustainability of the Earth’s vital natural resources.

Comidor Solution

The Comidor solution standardized the workflow for all trial processes around the globe, setting up multiple approval workflows with a customised notification system. Using a knowledge base and customised forms, users are given access to the very latest trial data and company guidelines, giving them all the key information they need to proceed to the next stage. Role-based access means management can access sensitive data via the centralized storage and also track the progress of every trial in a unified environment. Reports can be generated for management information as well as trend analysis.

Standardization of the Process

The Comidor workflow designer ensures that the participation of users with specific roles is matched to each stage of the process appropriate to that user, based on the specific parameters defined by management.

Quality of Data

The old system of paper and text has now been fully digitalized. The data forms generated by the low-code custom fields are easy to use and monitor, and ensure that all critical data is added by the responsible staff members.

Centralized Information

Holding all information in a central repository means that management can easily cross-reference historic trials. This allows the checking of results and the tests performed, supporting decision making and consistency.

Tasks and Email Notifications Automation

Tasks and Emails for each workflow stage are automatically generated upon critical process change, reducing the time spent on manual communications to relevant people.

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