BPM for Food Processing

European producer of high quality appetizers embraces process digitalization

Client Business Challenge

The food industry is extremely demanding, in terms of both operational quality and in process standardization. Our client operates batch productions of a wide variety of dressings and sauces, with the constant need for development of new flavours and new product lines.

The challenge focused on streamlining the overall factory management with production, financial and commercial data unified under one umbrella system.

Comidor Solution

A cloud-based solution was implemented to provide prompt information to each departmental team on the tasks requiring their completion. A centralized system was deployed, populated with client data, orders, trials on new products and special offers for different product categories. Communications between teams were set up based on both the task and process levels.

Key Benefits:

Management of different departments, operating from different locations

The solution enabled much more effective management of different departments, operating from different locations. Once the organization chart and users were mapped on the system, the management team was easily able to assign and review tasks by user and by department. Users have a common repository for their work, categorized as “To Do”, “In Progress” or “Done”.

Smart Calendars

Users have all their tasks available on dynamic calendars, which can easily be shared within groups and reviewed by line managers.

Mobile/tablet Collaboration

User can pick up and complete tasks on the go, using all the commonly deployed mobile devices.

Process Level Information

All process activity connected with a particular client can be reviewed by customer managers. This could include the status of all orders and deliveries, any open issues, new sales opportunities etc.

ERP Data Connection

Comidor is integrated with the client’s existing ERP system, allowing data to be captured and entered into the system automatically.

Scalable Costs

The Comidor solution is fully cloud-based, meaning that the number of users can quickly and easily be scaled up at any given time to match fluctuations in demand.

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