BPM for Food Processing

Top quality appetizers firm in the SE Europe embracing the business process run.

BPM for Food Processing – Client Business Challenge

The food industry is highly sensitive in operational quality and process standardization. Our client is operating batch productions of a wide variety of dressings and sauces, with continuous need for development of new flavors and new product lines.

The challenge focuses in organizing the overall factory management with production, financial and commercial data unification under one system (umbrella).

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Comidor Solution

The solution works on cloud (SaaS), providing prompt information to teams about tasks requiring completion, per department. Communications are focused on task/process level, as such a centralized system has been utilized, connected with client data, orders, trials on new products and special offerings per category.

Key benefits:

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Prompt management of different departments, operating from different locations

Once the organization chart and users mapped on the system, the management team is capable to assign/review task per user/department. Users have a common repository for the works To Do/ In Progress/ Done.

Smart Calendars

Users have their tasks available on dynamic calendars, where can easily be shared within groups and reviewed by the line managers

Mobile/tablet collaboration

User can pick up and complete tasks on the go, via mobile devices (iOS or Android)

Process level information

The works carried are kept on the process level, per client (ie. Opportunities, Issues, Deliveries, etc)

ERP data connection

Data entry from existing database from the client’s ERP

Scalable costs

Cloud deployment that allows additional of users at any point, on demand.