BPM for Industrial Automation

World–class provider of “Industry 4.0” solutions integrates People with Project Management and Workflow Automation

Client Business Challenge

A leading independent provider of solutions for industrial automation, active in over 18 countries all over the world, has experienced rapid growth in active personnel and projects. Keeping their customers’ projects on track and monitoring the staff assigned to work on them was becoming a more and more onerous task for Project Managers. A platform was needed which would integrate the information from existing systems including the company’s ERP, CRM and Active Directory. Introducing additional functionalities such as absence management tracking, booking requests for projects, and time and expenses tracking and approvals were also key to delivering high-quality client services.

Comidor Solution

Our client’s core strategic objective was to have an on-premise system to provide centralized People and Project Management with the ability to control information via role-based access. Some of the key features required were the effective storage of personnel data, absence management, booking requests for people to work on particular projects, time management and tracking, 2 or 3-level approval of time and expenses tracked back to individual projects, and people and project dashboards containing KPIs and management reports. The platform also had to integrate data from 3rd-party systems.

Compliance with People Management Legislation in Multiple Jurisdictions

The solution successfully Implemented features to comply with different countries’ working environments and legislation.

Real-time Monitoring

Comidor project and people dashboards give real-time information that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the completion of work-packages by matching the right people skills to each task. This applies from project initiation, including setting up the client resource budget and invoicing plan, to the monitoring of actual project execution including risk management and pending hours and expenses approval.

Role-based Access

Multiple roles were set up to ensure that only the appropriate people were given access to important and sensitive data. Significant project acceleration and productivity gains were achieved by providing key information to the relevant people to take faster and better quality decisions.

Integration of all Information into a Single Platform

Email and CRM systems were integrated with Comidor, which in turn sent project-based accounting data to the company’s ERP system

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