BPM for Industrial Automation

World – class industry 4.0 solution provider integrates People with Project Management & Workflow Automation

BPM for Industrial Automation – Client Business Challenge

Independent Solution Provider for industrial automation which runs services in more than 18 countries all over the world – has experienced a rapid growth in terms of active personnel and projects. Keeping the customers’ projects (services) on track and having booked personnel working on them, has been a headache for the Project Managers. A platform, which would integrate all information from already existing systems (ERP, CRM, active directory etc.) was in need. In this platform, functionalities such as absence management tracking, booking requests for projects, time and expenses tracking approvals were the key points to align with high-quality and speed service management and delivery.

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Comidor Solution

The People and Project Management platform in an on-premises installation as a central point to control information in a role-based access, has been one of the pillars of client’s corporate strategic objective. Personnel data, absence management, booking requests of people to work in a particular project, time management and tracking, 2 or 3-step level approval of time and expenses tracked in Projects, people and project dashboards with KPIs and reporting are some of the key features. Platform integrates data that can be used in Comidor, from 3rd-party systems, too.

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Compliance with multiple countries people management legislation

Implementation of features that comply with different countries’ working environment and legislation.

Real-time Monitoring

From project initiation with invoicing plan setup and resource budgeting till actual project monitoring with risk management, approved and pending hours and expenses, project and people dashboards give real-time information that focus on people skills, efficiency and effectiveness on work-packages accomplishment.

Role-based access

Multiple roles setup assure that appropriate people have access on important and sensitive data. Also, it empowers productivity providing key information to the relevant people to take fast decisions accelerating people and project management.

Integration of all information into 1-single platform

Integration with Email and CRM system that brings emails and data to Comidor, where Projects run and send accounting data to ERP system.