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USA based IT consultancy delivers Projects effectively on the Cloud.

Client Business Challenge

Our client is USA based, IT Performance Management company that aims to help IT departments move from reactive to high performing.

With strong experience in customized IT consulting services to mid-sized Enterprises in manufacturing, retail, and financial services industries, our client help organizations develop, assess, and implement projects, creating SLA’s, metrics, and KPI’s that improve service to business units.

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Comidor Solution

The need for an advanced Project Management platform, with role based access and strong e-mail and documents file integration was highly important. Moreover, the solution need to provide quick access from mobile devices, enabling prompt notifications during project’s run. Comidor provided a complete cloud (SaaS) solution with ready made functionality in Project Management,

Key benefits:

Advanced task management

The users  have available an advanced task management system, where each task is connected to a project’s phases. Teams are capable to share their calendars which include dynamic information on works To Do/ In Progress/ Done

File sharing with Dropbox, Drive, Box integration

Comidor offers to teams a build-in Advanced Document Management system that includes file sharing, locking, versioning, view/edit rights, on line editing, linking with tasks/ processes/ projects, instant sharing). There is also system integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box), so that users can have available their files which may me located on different repositories.

Projects templates

A highly usuful and time consuming function within the Project menu, is Templates, where the PM can have several standard types of projects available for quick editing/start.

Metrics & Dashboards

Comidor offers rich dashboard views, fully customizable and metric report tools for live monitoring and reporting purposes

Users timesheets/timecards

The system provides exceptional easiness to users to register their working times, which can be matter of live review from their functional managers.

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