BPM in Manufacturing

Client Business Challenge

Our client is a leader in electronics manufacturing, with a strong global market presence, providing a wide range of solutions including Lighting, Safety, Alarm & Fire Detection equipment.

A unified solution was required to provide common ground for senior management teams, R&D engineers and sales reps, integrated with the client’s legacy ERP system.

Comidor Solution

The solution was a cloud-based system with ERP integration to improve the quality of upfront collaboration, project management and sales force automation across all of the client’s products, contacts and customers.

The system also had to represent all work (projects, processes, tasks) per division, including all corresponding communications (emails) and documents.

Key Benefits:

Prompt Collaboration

Users can log in to the system from any PCs, Macs, tablets and mobiles running on iOS or Android.

Advanced Task Management

Team use an advanced task management system where each task is connected to a business process. Teams can share their calendars which include dynamic information on activity, categorized as “To Do”, “In Progress” or “Done”.

Document Management System

Comidor provides a built-in DMS with file sharing, locking, versioning and view-edit rights, online editing, linking with tasks, processes and projects and all available for instant sharing. The system also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box so that users can access all their files no matter where they are stored.

Online Project Management

Powerful PM functionality is provided, including on-line Gantt Charts, KanBan and Burnout Diagrams, deliverables and requirements, smart notifications and dynamic report generation. Each project activity links to the relevant tasks and processes on a Project level.

Sales Force Automation

The system provides complete built-in CRM functionality including sales leads, opportunity management, funnels, contracts, campaigns, etc.

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