BPM for Industrial Research

Germany based Innovation hub for industrial plastics empowers team collaboration

Client Business Challenge

The end client is an Institute specialized in the standardization in the production of  industrial plastics (ie, Polypropylene), contributing on the EU framework on the effective use of plastics. The scientific community participating in the research is spread over Europe, headquartered in Germany.

As teams run several tests Europewide, the core need arise was a common platform which can easily and quickly collaborate, with the option of having built-in tools for live chatting, and run high-definition video Conferences that enable presentations and file sharing, beyond the mainstream product offering standards.

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Comidor Solution

The solution delivered on-premises with the cooperation of our German partner, on a white-label basis, with a complete customized and according UI/UX requirements of the scientific teem.

Key benefits:

Prompt Collaboration

Users can log in to the system from Pc/ Mac and mobiles or tablets on iOS/ Android.

Unified communications, on-line

The system provides a single working place where users can choose mails, internal messages and be notified on-the-go

File sharing, with Dropbox/Drive/Box integration

Advanced Document Management capabilities (file sharing, locking, versioning, view/edit rights, on line editing, linking with tasks/ processes/ projects, instant sharing). Moreover, the system provides instant connection with existing on line file management systems (ie. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box), so that users can have available their files which may me located on different repositories.

Multy-tenant live chat

Teams can quickly switch to chat mode, with build-in file sharing capability.

High Definition video conferencing

Crystal clear sound and team video conferences, running on build-in HD technology

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