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10 Must-have Document Management Software Features

10 Must-have Document Management Software Features 789 526 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

There are many document management systems with various features.  New technologies come up every day and offer plenty of possibilities for the users. With so many choices, the decision-makers are baffled and often overlook the essence of the Document Management Software Solutions. Document Management Software is a system that is used to store, manage and organize documents. It can be used by an individual, business, or organization to store and manage their documents. The essence for an organization is to be able to preserve, define, store, index, update and explore legacy or the newly produced organization knowledge. To achieve that a decent document management system should have features like document security, version control, document sharing, and collaboration among others.

Before diving into the features that are important for Document Management Software to have, let’s describe what document management software is in more detail.

Document Management Software Definition

Document Management Software is a type of enterprise content management software that helps organizations manage documents, emails, and other types of information. It also helps organizations to find the information they need quickly. It can be used to manage and store documents in an organized manner, track, and share all types of data from different sources. The main objective of document management software is to reduce the risk of misplacing or losing a document because it can contain important information that may be needed for future reference. What’s more, these tools are designed in a way that allows you to store copies of your documents in remote locations. This gives you a higher level of security if something goes wrong with your physical storage space.

There are many document management software available in the marketplace that can address a wide range of needs. Document management software can be used to address the following needs:

  • Providing an overview of all the documents in your organization, including their status and who is responsible for them
  • Providing easy access to documents when you need them
  • Ensuring that sensitive information is not shared with those without the necessary rights
  • Tracking how often a document is accessed and by whom
  • Reminding users when they are due to update or review a document

Document Management Software Features

1. Web access

In this time when the internet is so prevalent, users must have access to their documents from anywhere. A web-based document management system provides fast and easy access to files and folders which is important in this era of the internet. There is a number of Document Management Software features that help with web access to these documents thanks. These include:

  • Mobile access – to view or edit documents on mobile devices
  • Cloud storage – to store documents in the cloud
  • File sharing – to share folders or individual files with others

2. Document Search

Each user has many files and must be able to search them really fast by using only a few letters of what he’s looking for. Document Management Software helps in storing documents in an organized way so that they can be easily retrieved when needed. Document Search is a feature of Document Management Software that allows users to search through the stored content.

The document search feature can be used for finding content by name, date, author, or other metadata like tags. It also provides a preview of the document before opening it and has some advanced features like highlighting text within the document and exporting files in PDF or Word format.

3. Drag and drop Features

Drag and drop – this feature is a must-have Document Management Software feature. It allows you to drag and drop files from one folder to another folder or even from one application to another application. When it comes to Document Management Software, the drag and drop feature that allows users to drag and drop files from their desktop into the online document management system is a time-efficient utility.

4. Embedded viewer and editor

The Document Management Software provides an embedded viewer and editor which allows the user to view, edit and save the document from within the software. The embedded viewer lets you view and edit documents without having to open them in another window or download them – this saves time as you don’t need to switch between tabs or applications.

With an embedded viewer and editor, there is no need to download any file to your desktop. Quick open and edit your files online.

5. Versioning

Another important functionality of a Document Management System is versioning. Versioning allows users to store previous file versions, have access to all versions of the document, compare them, and revert to an older version if needed. What’s more, users can see the owner and upload date/time! Versioning is a powerful Document Management Software feature that can help you to keep track of changes in your documents over time.

6. File Locking

File locking is an important feature for Document Management Software. It prevents users from making changes to a locked file until the user who had locked it, unlocks it.

It’s a great way of blocking the modification of files. If you lock a file, no one else can move, edit, delete this file. Except for blocking file modifications, file locking may prevent two people from editing the same file at the same time, which can cause data loss and other issues. The software locks the file when it detects that someone else is working on it and unlocks it once they are done with the edits,

7. Sharing and rating

A great Document Management System should give users the ability to share any folder or file with their team, or specific users and be able to rate its value.  Thus, business collaboration is more effective than ever, while each user can relate a document with tasks, opportunities, or contracts from the CRM package and any other entity.

Sharing documents is a great way to collaborate with teams, but it can also be a source of frustration if not done correctly. Good Document Management Software should allow users to share documents easily and securely. In addition, Document Management Software also can have a rating system where users can rate each document on a predefined scale. This rating system helps in keeping track of which documents are popular among employees and which ones need improvement.

Thus, collaboration is more effective than ever, while each user can relate a document with tasks, opportunities, or contracts from the CRM package and any other entity.

8. Files and folders rights

File and folder rights are a vital part of any Document Management Software. In a Document Management System, there must be the possibility to define who has access to the folders and the files but also must define the editing rights, so not all users can modify specific files. Assigning editing rights allows you to control what your team can do with the documents that they are working on. For example, if you have the sales team working on a document, you can restrict them from editing the document’s title and description or from deleting the document.

9. Document linking

Document linking is the process of connecting documents, files, or other data sources that are stored in different locations so that you can access them from one central location. This allows you to access one document from another, or link the document with any other relevant record inside the Document Management Software. This way, documents can be more easily searched for and accessed later on.

10. Inform mechanism

Inform mechanism is a Document Management Software feature that provides users with the ability to send a notification when new documents are created or modified in the system. Users can notify about any file or folder update with direct notification messages through the Document Management system.

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