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6 Use Cases of Image Recognition in our Daily Lives

6 Use Cases of Image Recognition in our Daily Lives 789 526 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Image recognition is the process of identifying and classifying objects, patterns, and textures in images. Image recognition use cases are found in different fields like healthcare, marketing, transportation, and e-commerce. It can be used to identify objects in images to categorize them for future use. For example, it can be used to classify the type of flower that is in the picture or identify an apple from a banana. It also has many applications outside of image classification such as detecting faces in pictures or recognizing text on a page.

Image recognition is one of the most important technologies that are being developed today because it will help us solve many problems we face, such as improving healthcare by diagnosing diseases like cancer with greater accuracy or detecting fraud by analyzing images of banknotes.

Now usually, image content recognition is confused with machine vision. You must know that image recognition simply identifies content on an image, whereas a machine vision system refers to event detection, image reconstruction, and object tracking.

Image recognition image | ComidorWhy has image recognition become so important? 

Here we have discussed some of the reasons why image recognition is considered to be important and common use cases of image recognition that we see in our daily lives:

1. Image recognition helps you catch catfish accounts 

One of the most important use cases of image recognition is that it helps you unravel fake accounts on social media. You must know that the trend of fake accounts has increased over the past decade. Today people make fake accounts for online scams, the damaging reputation of famous people, or spreading fake news. Here you should know that image recognition techniques can help you avoid being prey to digital scams. You can simply search by image and find out if someone is stealing your images and using them on another account. So the first most important reason behind the popularity of image recognition techniques is that it helps you catch catfish accounts 

2. Image recognition is being used in facial recognition and other security systems. 

Image recognition is also considered important because it is one of the most important components in the security industry. Today it is being used in all kinds of security systems. The most common example of image recognition can be seen in the facial recognition system of your mobile. Facial recognition in mobiles is not only used to identify your face for unlocking your device; today, it is also being used for marketing. Image recognition algorithms can help marketers get information about a person’s identity, gender, and mood. There are many more use cases of image recognition in the marketing world, so don’t underestimate it. 

3. Image recognition is used in Reverse Image Search for different purposes 

You might have heard of the online reverse image search. Reverse picture search is a method that can make a search by image for free. With modern reverse image search utilities, you can search by an image and find out relevant details about it. Image finder uses artificial intelligence software and image recognition techniques to identify images’ contents and compare them with billions of images indexed on the web. The image recognition algorithms help find out similar images, the origin of the image in question, information about the owner of the image, websites using the same image, image plagiarism, and all other relevant information. In the past reverse image search was only used to find similar images on the web. But today, you can use it for dozens of different purposes. 

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4. Government agencies are using image recognition  

You would be surprised to know that image recognition is also being used by government agencies. These agencies search images to collect information about people. Today police and other secret agencies are generally using image recognition technology to recognize people in videos or images 

5. Image recognition also plays an important role in the healthcare industry 

Today, image recognition is also important because it helps you in the healthcare industry. Here you should know that image recognition is widely being used across the globe for detecting brain tumors, cancer, and even broken images. Image recognition techniques and algorithms are helping out doctors and scientists in the medical treatment of their patients. Nowadays,  image recognition is also being used to help visually impaired people. Also, new inventions are being made every now and then with the use of image recognition. High-tech walking sticks for blind people are one of the most important examples in this regard. 

6. Image recognition is also empowering the eCommerce industry 

Today image recognition is also being used in the e-commerce industry. The visual search market has drastically increased in the past. This is major because today customers are more inclined to make a search by product images instead of using text. 

Image recognition uses Infographic | ComidorTo sum up

If you still have reservations about the importance of image recognition, we suggest you try these image recognition use cases yourself. You can enjoy tons of benefits from using image recognition in more ways than just identifying pictures. Many people are just beginning to realize its potential. Now, it can be used to identify not just photos but also voice recordings, text messages, and various other sources of information.

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