BPM for Computer Hardware Industry

Top APAC computer vendor automates document management

BPM for Computer Hardware – Client Business Challenge

Client wanted to improve the procedure of documents submission, while ensuring that users will work in a collaborative environment. A central repository holding all documents information was in need, where all documents will be traced. Document approval workflow should be streamlined, getting and sending back information on 3rd party systems at each workflow stage. Also, an integration with Outlook sending automatic email notifications was vital.

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Comidor Solution

A BPM cloud installation has been deployed to automate all documents entry and reviewing. Using a standardized flow implemented using low-code, appropriate people are notified to review the sensitive content documents based on the organizational level. Real-time status monitoring of each document is available either from Comidor dashboards or through email notifications. Integrated information from 3rd party systems upon each decision stage is fetched to help users get the whole view before coming to a decision. Finally, a central repository holding all documents added is set, to go back over past documentation.

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Automation of Document review

Document approval workflow with multiple step approvals and automated email notifications upon each workflow stage have been deployed.

Increased staff productivity

Quick and easy to use document uploader is available. Staff needs to fill-in already set custom fields such as json tables, checkboxes etc., which will play important role on whether the document will proceed to the next stage or send back to creator for changes.

Integration with 3rd party systems

Using the REST API of Workflow designer, 3rd party systems are integrated with Comidor, taking information from Workflow stages. Using queries in external databases, users can also view data from other systems before decide on the workflow stage action(s).

Reliability and Security

No need to worry finding the relevant people that should review the documents – everything is automated based on the organization setup. In the Documents repository access is revoked or given to users based on each document rights.