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Comidor Contacts unit offers you one single point for all of your contacts facilitating your Contact Management, Communication and therefore Collaboration with these Contacts. Comidor offers the options to categorize your Contacts and manage them more efficiently, send group internal and external emails and email a form (e.g. questionnaire) to conduct your own survey.


Creating a Contact

When creating a new contact you can add general information about its professional profile, phone numbers, emails, website, address, a photo, social media accounts, birth date and interests. Of course, you can relate a new Contact with an already created Account.

Although, some Contacts have been created automatically when the Comidor User/Administrator created an Account, Lead, Personnel or User and they are now categorized in the Contacts Folders.

You can send a new email or email a form, send group email or internal email, change the Contact rights and delete the Contact, simply by clicking on the tick box and selecting a Contact/Contacts on Contacts panel.


Importing/Exporting Contacts

Comidor provides import/export and print functionalities for Contacts. You can easily import your contacts from other email accounts such as Google, Yahoo, Outlook Express, Exchange Server, Hotmail and Other via csv files or export your Comidor contacts as MS Excel file. Furthermore, you can print your Contacts, too.



Managing a Contact

Comidor Users manage their contacts and are able to see all the information provided simply by clicking on a Contact.



User has the following options:

1. to edit Contact details by clicking on the "pencil" button,

2. to check the Comments added at the Notes panel from the Users that have view rights for the respective Contact, to track the Editing history, to add tags and relate the Contact with a Questionnaire answer or other related Objects (Documents, Emails, Contacts, etc.) via Links,

3. to change the view and edit rights of a Contact,

4. to have a look at all Contact related information,

5. to perform other actions, such as printing/deleting a Contact, linking it with related Objects, sending a new Email or Email a Survey. Most importantly, Contacts unit enables you to create an Account or a Personnel entry from an existing contact.


As we have already discussed in Accounts, once an Account is created a respective entry of a Customer, Vendor, Partner or Competitor automatically is added and a respective Contact is created at the Contacts unit.

A Lead can be converted to a Contact with a simple click from the Leads Unit, too.


Example Scenario:

Contacts of some of your important Customers are saved to your gmail account and you would like to send them a questionnaire about your new product in order to test reaction. You can simply import your gmail Contacts to your Comidor Contacts, select them and Email them the form. Also, you would like to send this questionnaire to a big Company that recently has been turned from a Lead to Customer. The whole process via Comidor is really easy and the most important thing is that you have all the needed information gathered and linked.

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