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Smart Contracts: How they work 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Smart Contracts: How they work

What is a smart contract?  Smart contracts are contracts that are executed by themselves when certain rules are met. The rules and the terms of an agreement, between two counterparts are written into lines of code. Those contracts allow transactions and agreements to be completed among anonymous parties, without any need of a third-party authority.   Which are…

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Machine Learning and BPM - KB| Comidor Low-Code Platform
How Machine Learning Transforms BPM 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

How Machine Learning Transforms BPM

If you already use a BPM software in your business you already see the benefits: proper risk management, transparency, employee satisfaction, measurability, and sustainability of business processes are some of them. Now, imagine using all the data from the BPM so as to automatically optimize processes and improve decision making. With machine learning and BPM…

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Blockchain Fundamentals 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Blockchain Fundamentals

What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network which is used to record transactions. The blocks in the chain are linked with the use of cryptography and contain information such as cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and a Merkle tree root (binary tree) which is a data structure that summarizes…

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Project Management | Comidor low-Code BPM Platform
Project Management Definitions 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Project Management Definitions

1) What Is a Project? In project management, project is called an effort within a specific time to create a unique product/ service or result. Moreover, according to PMBOK® Guide “a project is the application of knowledge, tools, skills & techniques to project activities, to meet the project requirements”. There a five (5) district stages in the lifecycle…

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Workflow Examples - KB | Comidor Low-Code Platform
Workflow Examples 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Workflow Examples

Get your feet wet with some simple Workflow examples. We used our Workflow BPMN 2.0 Modeller to visualize the real-world business cases below after analyzing all the steps. In the Workflow examples, you may see some of our Workflow Designer capabilities and how some Workflow Elements can be used. 1. New Opportunity Follow-Up Workflow Business…

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Business Process Definition | Knowledge Base | Comidor Low-Code Platform
Business Process Definition 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Business Process Definition

What is Business Process? Business Process Definition Gartner defines “Business Process as an event-driven, end-to-end processing path that starts with a customer request and ends with a result for the customer. Business processes often cross-departmental and even organizational boundaries“. In other words, the term Business Process refers to a set of activities or tasks, often connected…

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Low-code platforms and Software Crisis 150 150 Comidor BPM Platform

Low-code platforms and Software Crisis

The problem. From Wikipedia, The ‘software crisis’ was a term used in the early days of software engineering before it was a well-established subject. The term was used to describe the impact of rapid increases in computer power and the complexity of the problems which could be tackled. In essence, it refers to the difficulty…

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Operational Processses (Core Processes) | Knowledge Base | Comidor Low-Code BPM
What Are Operational Business Processes? 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

What Are Operational Business Processes?

Operational Processes (Core Business Processes) Depending on the organization’s activity business processes are often broken up into different categories (for more information read the relative article about the types of business processes). One of these categories is “Operational Business Processes”.

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Business Transformation Software - KB | Comidor Low-Code Platform
Business Transformation Software 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Business Transformation Software

What is a Business Transformation Software? A business transformation software is a software that deploys in all business departments and aligns business with information technology to accelerate business growth by: Transforming business models: A business transformation software translates your goals into activities and help you structure a new strategy that aligns with the digital era. Optimizing Operations:…

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Business Process Management Definitions | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform 2
Business Process Management Platform 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

Business Process Management Platform

What is a Business Process Management Platform? A business process management platform is a software tool that helps businesses in order to manage and automate business processes to improve productivity and corporate performance. It is considered a critical component of operational intelligence as it bridges the gap between IT and Business. According to Wikipedia, the…

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