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The Past, the Present, the Future of BPM - Conidor BPM

the Past, the Present, the Future of BPM

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A lot of companies have included a Business Process Management Platform in their IT arsenal during the last years. This happened…

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BPM Software makes better brands - Comidor BPM

BPM Software makes better brands

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In literature, brands are sets of impressions that lives in people’s heads, according to marketing expert, Peter Economides, who worked…

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automate business processes in 2018 - Comidor BPM

Are you prepared? – Automate business processes in 2018

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First of all, wishing you a very happy new year 2018. We hope that you had an incredible 2017 and…

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business process automation tool - Comidor BPM

Business Process Automation Tool – BPMS

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Business processes are the strategic business decisions to reach from milestone one to another. With help of information technology, we…

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Business process modelling tool | Comidor BPM Platform

Business process modelling – from Start to End

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Every business is working from Input to Output. We input our resources in the form of man power, skills, knowledge,…

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Business Process Automation - Comidor BPM

Business Process Automation – a journey plan

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The three-important words, that has importance to any business. Whether it is a SME or a corporate organisation. Each company…

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Leading remote teams

How to Succeed Leading a Remote Team

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The digital revolution has radically changed the way we think about and perform our jobs. Business process automation, along with…

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business process modelling - Comidor BPM

Why we need business process modelling?

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Isn’t it a million dollar question? If business is running great, it’s already making a turnover in multi millions and…

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Enterprise Automation Tool - Comidor BPM

Enterprise Automation with Comidor

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Comidor provides a complete Enterprise Automation solution that contains Business Process Management, CRM, People Management, Project Management capabilities under one…

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