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6 Key Strategies for Legacy Systems Modernization | Comidor BPM

6 Key Strategies for Legacy Systems Modernization

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A logistics company that uses an ERP application mainframe across the business with complementary task management cloud-based software and a…

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Blockchain as a medium for Business Process Management | Comidor BPM

Blockchain as a medium for Business Process Management

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Chapter 1: Overview of the blockchain technology The term blockchain has been circulating in modern computing technologies for the past…

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ITO 360

ITO-360: The 360-approach to Enterprise Optimization

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ITO-360 stands as a 360-degree design thinking perspective to enterprise optimization, which requires the joint of digitalization of data, business…

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Developers Extinct

Where have all the developers gone?

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From Wikipedia: A software developer is a person concerned with facets of the software development process. According to an IDC…

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View on startups

A critical view on startups

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I am not going to start with a short preface in this article. I am going to be straight forward.…

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Comidor for iOs

Comidor is now available in iOS

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Good news for all iOS fans! Comidor is now uploaded in Apple Store and is waiting for you to download…

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Business Features Infographic

All features that your business needs! – Infographic

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Comidor 3.0

Comidor 3.0 New Release

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Changes in Comidor design Our new design gives priority to navigation. The apps have been repositioned in a more flexible…

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Christmas apps

A handful of apps for your company’s Christmas stocking

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Christmas is here. This time of the year, streets and malls get staffed with people joyfully spending their  money in…

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