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Technology Predictions 2015

Technology Predictions for 2015

700 507 Comidor BPM Platform

It’s a fact that predictions have always attracted people’s attention, otherwise all these fortune-tellers and mediums would have been unemployed…

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Open Source

How and when to invest in Open Source

700 467 Comidor BPM Platform

Open source is everywhere. The “bazaar” proved to be too hard to die and too good to be ignored. It…

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Technology news

Technology News

700 400 Comidor BPM Platform

Apple presented their new programming language called Swift. Swift claims to be significantly faster for developers. A complex object sort,…

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Online collaboration software for startups

Online Collaboration Software for Startups

700 442 Comidor BPM Platform

Startups are not something new. Making one is not even considered an achievement (at least in the developed/developing countries). What…

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