Projects - Gantt 5

1 – Projects (Project Scheduling)

1224 472 Comidor

Projects (Project Scheduling) – 1¬† Comidor PM Module can help you deliver successful projects easily no matter the size or complexity. You may import an MS Project file, associate a…

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Resource Budgeting -3

2 – Projects (Project Cost Management Plan)

1887 739 Comidor

Project Cost Management¬† Project Cost Management plan refers to the phase of Project Management, where you will plan, allocate and budget how much Human Resources, Materials, Equipment and Facilities are…

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Personnel Bookings - 1

3 – Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)

1478 680 Comidor

Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)¬† Resource Scheduling/Booking is the next step a Project Manager should perform after Project Scheduling and Cost Management Planning. Project Manager schedules Personnel booking based on Project’s Requirements…

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