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Comidor 3.0 New Release

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 11:48 ,Industry News
Changes in Comidor design Our new design gives priority to navigation. The apps have been repositioned in a more flexible and clear menu, which has been placed on the left bar. All tabs open horizontally, following the browser’s design. There are also minor changes in all tables and forms Filebox The widgets inside the home screen have been replaced with a small version of our document management, called Filebox. It offers full functionality right in your starting screen. You can drag and drop documents from your desktop, open files and folders and generally control your business documents faster. Updates in…
Christmas is here. This time of the year, streets and malls get staffed with people joyfully spending their money in presents. But have you ever thought of making a present to your business? The ideas are countless, as you can choose from new furniture and PCs to all these business apps that are made to organize your company and as a result your daily routine. We cannot help you in the first case, but we can suggest you 5 applications that we do believe that deserve to be in your business Christmas stocking! Stripe : the breakthrough startup of 2014…

Technology Predictions for 2015

Monday, 15 December 2014 12:55 ,Industry News
It’s a fact that predictions have always attracted people’s attention, otherwise all these fortune-tellers and mediums would have been unemployed instead of wearing golden rings and necklaces. Based on this, we decided to peer into our crystal balls (actually with the shape of a screen) and collect all the technology trends that we have this feeling that will be on the spotlight during 2015. Let’s start with the prediction - warning from KiyanForoughi, CEO and founder of Boticca that the investment and technology bubble will burst in 2015. A lot of capital is invested early in poor projects which in…
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