Online collaboration software for startups

Online Collaboration Software for Startups

Online Collaboration Software for Startups 700 442 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Startups are not something new. Making one is not even considered an achievement (at least in the developed/developing countries). What makes startups exciting is the human aspect, the youth aspect. Startups, and for a reason, are synonymous to youth entrepreneurship as most of the owners fall within the “business tender age” characterized by one dose of romanticism and two doses of enthusiasm. So what we (mostly the old, “wise” and far less enthusiastic IT vendors) should do in order to help startups achieve their purpose?

First of all we should listen their needs. Actually, considering the target group, this is fairly easy and quite straightforward. Their only need is to innovate. So then follows the simple question: How should you help a bunch of boys and girls not knowing anything about costs tracking, lead, project, and risk management, (the list is endless) and other boring stuff needed to run a business, especially in its infancy.

The answer is also simple: You provide ‘em with easy to use/learn – and most importantly with minimal TCO – tools able to do all the boring stuff for them. Hence, Cloud is not an option here. It’s a necessity. There are numerous SaaS tools in the market to shop (girls included to the therapy) to cover startups’ needs for:

  • Light CRM (we emphasize in “Light” as there is no need to opt for something costly and heavy right from the start)
  • Strong Document Management (file sharing and versioning should be a must)
  • Unprecedented collaboration (fast notifications, task, workspace creation, event monitoring etc)
  • Tasks management tools (not something heavy for building highways and spacecrafts)
  • Wikis
  • Contacts, Accounts, Lead and Opportunities management
  • Campaign management
  • Integration with Socials (facebook, linkedIn, twitter etc.)
  • Light financial management (mainly for expenses logging and monitoring)
  • Business Intelligence functionalities
  • CRM Project Management tools
  • Productivity measurement

By having all these in place and fully operational, these bunch of boys and girls can flourish as the can focus on what excites ‘em the most. Innovation!