Comidor 3.0

Comidor 3.0 New Release

Comidor 3.0 New Release 700 466 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Changes in Comidor design

Our new design gives priority to navigation. The apps have been repositioned in a more flexible and clear menu, which has been placed on the left bar. All tabs open horizontally, following the browser’s design. There are also minor changes in all tables and forms



The widgets inside the home screen have been replaced with a small version of our document management, called Filebox. It offers full functionality right in your starting screen. You can drag and drop documents from your desktop, open files and folders and generally control your business documents faster.


Updates in CRM

Our CRM has been enhanced with a set of new features, which bring our Campaign management on top of its class. You can select sub groups of contacts to send different emails in the same campaign, you have access to some statistics directly from the Campaign table and you can keep notes under its email sent from the Campaign management. The Leads app has been directly connected with your Campaigns, thus showing you who is a hot lead and who can be dropped from your list. Now you can also select multiple leads and move them from one category to another. In the Mail+ app you have the ability to mass import emails that come from your inbox or mass delete leads from unconfirmed or wrong emails that show up undelivered in your list. Finally, you can now schedule your campaigns and emails to be sent in the future, so you are able to organize your work even if you are not at the office.


Updates in Project Management

The most important addition in this version is the ability to import your MS Project inside Comidor. You just upload your file and your projects is automatically converted. Your tasks, schedules, resources will be directly shown in your Comidor gantt chart, task management and team leader report. The time tracking feature has also been added in our project management. You can create schedules and set their start and end time, you can start a task, pause it or resume it and the final duration is calculated dynamically. A set of new reports will help you track the time and resources spent in each project. The reports have been repositioned in the starting Project screen for better access.


Notifications / Escalation

A huge addition to our platform! You can select to be notified by email or SMS when a task is delayed or completed (you can select the day or time range), before the execution time of a task, on the completion or delay of a schedule or project, when your sales reach a goal or even when your opportunities change state. You have total freedom on your notification range and the escalation you wish to have (notify the user, the team leader, the project manager or the director).


Database connectivity with onpremise installation

Our technical team has been working the last few months on a huge change. Following the wishes of many of our clients, who want their data on premise but Comidor on the cloud, we are able now to securely connect with their data center (either on premise or inside another cloud) and present them in real time inside Comidor. As a result, each client may choose to host his service and data in our cloud or separate the data and service between different hosts.