digital transformation

BPM and Hyperpersonal Customer Services with Comidor

BPM and Hyperpesonal Customer Service

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According to Alfred Essa, Vice President of research and data science at McGraw-Hill Education, “If you’re not able to create innovations to market in a timely, quick, effective way, then…

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Digital Transformation and BPM in the Public Sector

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According to Miguel Carrasco, a BCG partner and managing directors, “Governments are making progress in their transition to the digital world, as citizen usage and satisfaction with online government services…

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Digital Transformation with business process management

How business process management drives digital transformation

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As technology evolves, organizations in all industries face intense competition. To survive in the market and remain competitive, these organizations must embrace the digital era and identify the way to optimize…

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Guide

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Digital Transformation is a great challenge for every business. Technology is changing rapidly and needs significant effort keep up to date, but with no doubt is the key to tune up your…

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