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Digital Process Automation Solutions for Your Business

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We live in a vastly digital world. Everywhere you look, technology is present. Businesses are no exception. In fact, now more than ever, businesses are turning to technology to help them streamline operations and foster client relationships. They are continuously seeking out automation solutions that can improve and streamline business processes. So, what is digital process automation? The end-to-end automation of manual tasks involved in processes is referred to as digital process automation (DPA). Let’s take a closer look at what exactly digital process automation is, what are the digital process automation software and why your business will want to be a part of this trend.

What is Digital Process Automation? 

Simply put, digital process automation is the way in which businesses use digital technology to automate certain tasks in their business processes. Commonly, DPA is used in situations where human interaction is often needed. In this way, digital process automation is used as a partial automation tool that will still require a human touch without taking up quite as much time.  

Digital process automation is typically achieved using automation software that can design, and execute workflows. The goal of DPA software is to improve customer relationships and collaboration and increase project transparency.  

So, why exactly should you invest in digital process automation software? Read on to find out! 

Digital Process Automation Examples 

Before we discuss the many benefits of DPA software, let’s first see what exactly this automation software is capable of 

Employee Onboarding

Transitioning a new employee into your workspace is a monumental task. With paperwork, new schedules, and training sessions, the onboarding process can be just a bit too long and lead to a decreased retention rate. Digital process automation software is here to help. Avoid the common bottlenecks that occur during onboarding with automated workflows and speed up the process for happier employees.

Look below how you can streamline, automate, and fasten the onboarding process with the Comidor platform.

As you can see, the automated workflow orchestrates all onboarding process steps, including automated emails, document creation with RPA, approval tasks, and data insert within various groups.


Sales is often a major bottleneck process for many businesses. Luckily, the repetitive nature of this process makes it ideal for digital process automation. Automate requests, approvals, and more with DPA software. Gone are the days of spending precious time waiting for these requests and approvals to make their way through the pipeline. 


Marketing is an essential but time-consuming process for many businesses. That’s where digital process automation comes in. Instead of handling all of the repetitive manual tasks that come with promoting your business, you can trust that digital process automation software will take the reigns.

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Benefits of Digital Process Automation 

In addition to assisting with the above-mentioned processes, there are a few more benefits that DPA brings to a business.  

  • Better customer relationships. Since digital process automation deals largely with tasks that involve human interaction, your customers will also see many of the benefits that DPA software brings. Not only will your employees have more time to foster these relationships, but the higher-quality results will lead to happier customers as well.
  • Time saver. Routine tasks are necessary but overly time-consuming. Automating these tasks using DPA software can save your team time and increase productivity. Instead of spending hours on those tasks, you’ll be able to focus on larger projects in the day.  
  • Cost reduction. In addition to saving time, this automation allows you to save money as well. By decreasing the time spent on these repetitive tasks, your team can complete larger tasks quicker, saving in operational costs.  
  • Increased accuracy. Last but not least, investing in DPA software is an investment in your results. With automated tasks, there is a decreased chance of human error that often occurs with manual entry. Your business will produce higher-quality results, further pleasing your customers.  

Now that you know what digital process automation is and why it’s necessary, it’s time to invest in this software. Keep reading to learn more about how to bring DPA to your business.  

Tips for Choosing Digital Process Automation Software (DPA)

So, how exactly do you find the best digital process automation software for your business needs? Try out a few of these tips on finding the right software. 

Analyze Business Processes

The first step when choosing a digital process automation software is to take a look at your business processes. While most DPA software has similar capabilities, each one has unique features that may be more beneficial to your processes. Analyze your current business processes and decide what specific capabilities you’ll need to fully automate your work. 

Determine Business Needs

In addition to analyzing your business processes, you should look at your general business needs. What is the allotted budget you can give to digital process automationsoftware? Would more advanced digital process automationsoftware further assist you in reaching your business goals? Should you invest in compatible automation software, such as business process management (BPM) software on top of DPA? Determine your business needs and discuss these with DPA providers to find the right fit. 

Research Features

Though most digital process automation software options offer similar features, you’ll want to ensure that the one you are investing in meets expectations. Check for features such as Low-Code development, mobile-first interfaces, collaborative tools, smart notifications, and end-to-end automation. Make sure that your chosen digital process automation software has all the features you’ll need to truly automate your tasks. 

Request a Trial

Finally, request a trial! Many DPA providers offer free trial accounts that allow you to test out their software before fully investing. You’ll see how this software works and if its capabilities help you achieve your automation goals.

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Achieve Digital Process Automation with Comidor

When you’re ready to achieve DPA, look no further than Comidor. Comidor is a No-Code/Low-Code platform designed to assist businesses in achieving business process automation. With the BPM 2.0 Comidor Workflow Designer, you can create customized workflows that take you one step closer to digital process automation. Manage these workflows and automate your business processes in one convenient location with BPM software. 

From workflow automation to business process management (BPM) software, Comidor has all the tools you need to achieve the ultimate digital process automation. Contact Comidor today to learn more about the tools that can help you achieve DPA!

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