Comidor v6.0: 5 New Powerful Features

Comidor v6.0: 5 New Powerful Features 900 506 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Comidor brings a new approach to Digital Transformation, by harnessing the power of Low-Code and Hyperautomation to build enterprise-grade applications and automate end-to-end business processes

It is always our mission to create a product that is simple, pleasing, and easy-to-use — one that you will enjoy using. With that in mind, we released our latest version, Comidor v6.0.

In this version, we kept all the functionalities we know you love, while we redesigned the interface to make it more user-friendlylightning-fast, and beautiful to work with.

5 New Features You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Design intelligent workflows with RPA and AI/ML

Workflows Comidor v6.0

Our new powerful RPA, AI/ML components enable you to create intelligent workflows, orchestrate human and digital workers to execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes.

Designers can replace manual steps, eliminate errors, and accelerate process automation with Selenium RPA, Excel Processor, Graph Creator, Image Classification, Web Scraper, digital signature and many other workflow components.

2. Create a business application in 3 steps

Comidor v6.0 enables everyone to build apps within seconds, without having to write code. All you have to do is to describe the type and name of the application, the forms and fields you wish to include.  After the application is published, you can fully customise the app functionalities and appearance. 

3. Build your custom home dashboard easily with drag-and-drop

Create a customised experience that matches your daily tasks and processes. The new Home Dashboard offers exactly what you need in one single panel. Build and modify your dashboards with a simple to use No-Code builder. Add multiple tabs, applications, “quick add” forms, icons, labels, and graphs.

4. Get valuable help from Leia the chatbot

This AI-enabled chatbot can have quite an influence on how your employees and teams experience their day-to-day duties. They can simply ask a question and then Leia answers the question with specific data, recommends a useful reading source, or urges the user to send an email to a responsible.

Comidor also enables you to create your own chatbot and a knowledge base your chatbot needs to support your employees and answer questions.

5. Initiate an application or process outside Comidor

With Comidor v6.0, non-Comidor users can initiate an application or process via emails and through public forms that are embedded in websites. 

Comidor v6.0 Release Notes

Comidor v6.0 Release Notes