Social media integration with pm

Exploit Social Media integration of a PM Software

Exploit Social Media integration of a PM Software 700 400 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

So, finally your VC approved (actually re-wrote) your business plan. You took some courage when you and your co-founding buddies logged your first income stream in your collaboration CRM tasks management super duper SaaS platform(s) and now you’ re ready to spread your wings to the unknown. You think that finally you have the luxury of concentrating in developing your service/product or whatever this is you call innovation. You thing that finally you can switch off the cell phones, delete all these stupid presentations from your desktop, keep only the last modified version of your biz plan (just for archiving purposes) and isolate yourselves into your development.

Wrong. You cannot. You’re not allowed to do this even if your VC is dead. There is no such a thing as working in isolation. This is probably some innovo-phobic syndromes that still occupy your brain’s right hemisphere, – leftovers from the not so far away period when you were working your “idea” in secrecy. Wake Up! You have already presented your secret idea in dozens of VCs and hundreds of competitors already. Go out socialize, explore social networks, be human. You make money by meeting people (loads of people), by exchanging your idea, and start thinking the big picture.

Also you will find in the hard way that all your past biz plan versions had much value (because they are the living snapshots of your idea’s growth). And you’ll be surprised how reusable and handy can be these so much “hated” .ppts that reminds you the endless hours spending in rehearsing and waiting in lobbies just to present for 5 minutes max.

So you don’t delete anything and you be connected at all times.

Social media are there for you. Everything can be shared and attract potential followers that it’s up to you to transform into potential customers. Think how you can channel your idea through facebook, linkedIn and the likes. Yes, twitter is not only for activists in revolutions around the globe. Twitter, if used “responsibly”, can bring followers out of places not showing in a map! Twitter can provide you with trends. Explore them to be better prepared of what’s coming. So yes, by all means use it. It’s free.

Social media integration is the key to success. Integrate all this information from your social channels into your enterprise collaboration system. Be informed and let your buddies be informed instantly on the latest activities of an opportunity, a market, target groups etc. Luckily enough, every decent collaboration platform provides integration with most of Google’s apps, Exchange etc. Last but not least, try adding a CRM Project Management tool in your daily routine and if possible a Business Intelligence and KPI monitoring system.

So go out (virtually or not) and start making real business. Good social hunting.