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In this constantly changing tech-driven world, each company needs to anticipate and adapt to market changes with speed, receiving not only faster, but continuous feedback loops in order to improve value to customers. In this perspective, it seems that DevOps is not merely a trend which started from Twitter, but a valid answer to the business necessity.

Having said that, Comidor as collaborative CRM Project Management and Task Tracking Software supporting teamwork online can facilitate the DevOps in action.

The compartmentalization inside companies is a sad reality, but this doesn’t mean that the discrete job positioning is necessarily a bad thing. As usual, it is the middle ground that can offer the best results: the company that has a well-planned organizational chart, but still allows the departments to communicate, collaborate and, of course, occasionally blend into common workspaces.

Comidor offers the “User Groups” application where you can design the complete organizational chart of your company (even add virtual groups or create parallel diagram trees), assign each Comidor user (employee/partner/contractor/guest) to his relevant department (even to more than one) and grant specific roles (user leaders, simple members).

Once the compartmentalization is configured and the company benefit is gained (hierarchies, responsibilities, delegations, access rights), then it is time to “de-compartmentalize” the company so that also the DevOps benefits will come in place too!

Comidor enables teamwork online providing a wide range of tools for Communication such as E-Mail, Messages (internal e-mail), Chat, and Video Calls and Business Collaboration such as  Tasks, Events, Topics, Productivity Measurement and Case Management enhanced with Workflows.

Moving forwards, there are complimentary – still quite fundamental – tools that promote information sharing such as: Documents (a complete File Management System with versioning, locking, rating, sharing capabilities), Wikis and  (group) Calendar.

Drilling more into the core of DevOps, Comidor offers Team Workspaces (called Scheduling) through its exceptionally innovative collaborative Project Management “Echo Model” with CRM functionalities. Empowered with Gantt chart and KanBan analysis, Comidor collaborative Project Management app allows the seamless (yet controlled and monitored) information flow and collaboration across the company. Virtual teams can be formed and their workload can be measured and monitored.

When it comes to Integration, Comidor offers an unparallel level of internal integration since all Comidor apps (more than 30) can be interrelated and linked to each other. Externally, Comidor integrates with various popular tools (MS Office, Dropbox, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, PDF, EDIs, custom connections via web services).

Last but not least, there is a complete Business Intelligence system inside Comidor with reports, graphs, geo-mapping, report builder and widget maker.

DevOps aim to improve performance and quality assurance via the expansion of employee synapses. Comidor tools enhance smooth agile collaboration without violating the configured organizational structures, making it one of the best solutions in collaborative CRM Project Management tools.