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The Future Of Cloud Project Management

The Future Of Cloud Project Management 700 389 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Cloud Project Management (PM) is undoubtedly the best option when thinking of a Project Management app, as the traditional solutions offer much lower quality of services and variety of tools. Especially, after advancing at such a high level incorporating all classical project management tools like Kanban boards and Gantt charts. But is Cloud Project Management just another Technology trend or is it here to stay? Will it still be the ….king of the Project Management world in five or more years from now?

Well, nobody can give a certain answer in the above questions, but based on the huge number of companies that already use Cloud Project Management it seems that it is not just one more temporary solution in the business software world.

Lani Gregory from Bright Pattern Inc. seems to agree , as she believes that every business living in a multi-channel world has to deal with a complete information overload (e-mail, phones, texts, Social Media, tasks etc.), so if they want to keep up they have to choose Cloud Technology for project tracking which leads to higher customer satisfaction and productivity.

Furthermore, the traditional Cloud Project Management tools worked perfectly for big projects, but what happens with the smaller ones? Cloud is also a solution in such cases, as Cloud tools can be used to support any kind of project, no matter the complexity or size. They are flexible, simple and easy to use, says Brent Frei, executive chairman and co-founder of Smartsheet. Still wondering why to choose Cloud?

If yes, Victoria Kartunova from Bitrix24 mentioned two more Cloud features that will make Cloud Project Management stronger and stronger: social and collaborative”. Project management in general seems to becoming less vertical and that really helps the Cloud PM dominance as it has all the potential to incorporate this tendency.  Victoria also mentioned the Mobile Device power, “as instant access to the Cloud via any mobile will lead to more sustained collaboration on the projects”.

Integration with other popular Cloud applications is one more feature that really helps in the right way, as Project Management is not longer a stand-alone branch with stand-alone solutions, according to Victoria . Thus, complex solutions like CRM Project Management or Business Intelligence with Project Management will totally be the number one option for any kind and size of business. Brent Frei also agrees with that, as people expect project management tools to work with the Cloud apps they already use, such as Dropbox, Google Apps etc.

John Penland is also a Cloud fan especially when it comes to collaboration, as he believes that the change that Cloud Technology has brought to Project Management has helped people work together. “Cloud PM allows customers, vendors and contractors to quickly and easily create workflows and collaborate regardless of their location”. All data can be linked with processes, people and tasks, driving business forward and enhancing teamwork online.

Cloud PM seems to be undoubtedly the winner and a one-way road for any kind of business who wants to enter the Project Management word. Maybe we are unable to predict how Cloud PM will look like in five years from now, but we can be sure that it will still rule our everyday enterprise collaboration.