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SWOT analysis using your cloud CRM Project Management software (2)

SWOT analysis using your cloud CRM Project Management software (2) 700 495 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Who to involve, in what, why and how in order to gather all the needed information to identify, analyze and evaluate the business Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities to achieve its objectives?

Who: Anyone who is related somehow with the business, internal and external individualsSenior Executives, Employees, Customers and Partners should participate

In What: in events and actions used together information to fill in the SWOT matrix such as Brainstorming, Meetings, Surveys, Reports, Research

Why: anyone based on his/her role, interests, skills, knowledge, professional profile and background can contribute offering specified and reliable information, confirming results and making conclusions

How: involving each individual in the most appropriate techniques in order to maximize his/her contribution in the whole process providing crucial and reliable information and enhancing the collaboration feeling

Populating SWOT Matrix using Comidor Tools

SWOT Analysis requires being realistic and rigorous to reveal useful information and get ready to face new challenges and exploit new opportunities. Comidor offers tools that can be used to reveal critical internal and external factors for business success and can also support decision making on assessing these factors.

  • Topics

This communication tool can be used for brainstorming as internal and external users, as quests, can create and participate in a topic of discussion. This discussion can be on Enterprise, Department, or Team level for enhancing teamwork online. For example, the causes of poor performance on KPIs can be discussed among employees, supervisors and HR representatives.

  • Video Conferencing

This communication functionality of Comidor can be used by senior executives for structured meetings to assess the significance of the identified factors, set priorities and define strategies.

  • Form Management

Form Management tool enables us to design online questionnaires for employees’ self-assessment, keep track of the employees answers and export helpful advanced statistics.

  • Email Campaigns

This feature allows business to conduct survey on customers satisfaction sending them the questionnaires created through CRM Form Management via email.

  • Document management system (DMS)

Documents gathered by research on external business environment can be managed and shared using Comidor’s DMS.

  • Balanced Scorecard

This Comidor application allow us to quantify business efficiency and track our success or failure.

  • Sales Funnel Chart

This chart is a part of the Business Intelligence tools that Comidor offers and can help us to understand our weaknesses in sales process.

  • Competition management

Comparing our sales success versus our competitors and presenting won versus lost deals competition management tool can reveal existing market threats and others that may arise.

Utilizing SWOT Matrix using Comidor

SWOT Analysis is neither the first nor the last step of the iterative process of strategic planning. The Business Workflow and Case Management Comidor apps can automate and eventually facilitate this process ensuring agile collaboration. Example of cases that should be managed after population of SWOT Matrix could be:

    • How to manage the weaknesses so as not to consist a barrier into the opportunities
    • How and which of the strengths can help the business to face the revealed threats
    • How to minimize, eliminate or convert the weaknesses to strengths, if it is possible


This is our approach on how the best cloud CRM Project Management software can be used as decision making tool…We hope that we have inspired you 😉

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