Business Automation

Workflows and Workflow Processes

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Introduction: Comidor can virtually map and track any organizational process through its Workflow unit. Workflows fully exploit the organizational structure to provide unprecedented process design and action monitoring. Through Workflows…

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process templates

Process Templates

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Process Templates Process Templates give you the opportunity to have all your standardized processes in one place and have the guidelines to follow a very specific company‚Äôs procedure. They can…

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Comidor Process Scheduling

Process scheduling

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Process Scheduling Comidor can help you manage your processes and avoid losing valuable time on rescheduling a repetitive process. Process Scheduling does exactly this. It provides users with the opportunity…

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notification scenarios

Notification Scenarios

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Notification Scenarios Notification Scenarios can be triggered in specific conditions that users define. On top of that, notification can be linked with Processes in order the user to be able…

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