Business Process Automation - Piece of cake

Business Process Automation? Piece of Cake.

Business Process Automation? Piece of Cake. 700 401 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Getting your business to a level of internal organization is often like walking on the moving sand. You can never say that things are that stable, especially during the digital disruption era. Thus, CEOs have to be alert constantly, about how much control of their company they have on hand.

As Kody Keplinger says on the Entrepreneur, surely “You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out.”

Kody’ statement is a good triggering point to start thinking about what can be controlled or not within a given business. The closer a CEO can go to his/her business process analysis, the better the chances to avoid conflicts with non-controlling aspects. In fact, noise always can be isolated.

Consequently, CEOs main concern is business performance, in a world of rapid political, economical and technology changes. This 3D layer is the moving sand of the business field, and business leaders cope to plan their strategies, while they seek for more control of their business.

At this point CEOs turn heads internally, and question their Directors:

1. Do we lose our time forwarding emails to organize our teams?
2. Do we have repeated processes that could be automated inside our business?
3. Do we have tens or hundreds of spreadsheets to keep track of our work or create reports?
4. Are our corporate files centered in desktop pcs or in different cloud providers?
5. How difficult is it to access our files from anywhere and link them with our real work?

The answers on the above 5 critical questions define the current level of business process automation within a company. Run a short survey within your company and get prepared for the next step.