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Automated Revolution in Sales

Automated Revolution in Sales 700 467 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

When it comes to sales it’s all about timing and management. Tracking every single lead and providing spot on follow ups is undoubtedly the best way to build strong and long-term customer relations (a good CRM Project Management tools is always helpful with that!). But how is it possible to follow up leads located in different time zones, taking into account that you don’t have the budget to sustain international support teams?

New generation of CRM tools have brought about a big revolution in the sales process. Lead Management is no longer a hot topic and the tools implemented to facilitate the transformation of every lead into an actual contact or client are countless.  However, tracking leads requires a fair amount of time that simply should be spent with customer acquisition.

Another problem that every salesman faces is replying the tons of emails within a reasonable time frame. I’m sure you all have sent an email asking for product information and have to wait at least a whole day to get a (non-reply) response. Making a good first impression is the first step to success, so salesmen should always be there to answer mails, if they want their stats to rise.

Let’s say that somebody filled in your website’s contact form asking for more info. The actions that usually follow are:

1) save this person’s data in the Lead management tool for further follow-up and add tasks – reminders

2) send e-mail responding to the inquiry

3) depending on the respond, the salesman will assess that lead.

It’s amazing how many actions a simple email can cause, isn’t it?

What if all these could be automated? What if lead’s information could be automatically saved to the Lead management tool and notifications be sent to the selected salesmen? What if an appropriate “Thank you and wait for our answer” message is immediately being sent? What if this message is different according to leads location? Imagine how much time will be saved…

Automations in CRM are finally a reality and can be thought as one of the greatest breakthroughs in the world of sales and marketing. Using for example Comidor’s CRM automation you can really build a thick layer of trust with everyone that gets in touch with you, as it provides a well-organized user-friendly set of tools for alleviating salesmen burden and for providing all the necessary Business Intelligence (BI). BI analytics are widely used for market segmentation, customer profiling, go-no-go decision making on product roll out, etc. But can also be used for more personalized communication experience between the salesman and his leads, and as such, increase the probability of win deals.

Automation tools in sales will never replace the personal interaction and collaboration, but they DO give time for that, setting the basics for a successful conversion of a lead into a customer.