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Comidor Notifications and Reminders (N&R) form the backbone of Comidor Collaboration. In addition to the standard communication tools (e-mails, internal messaging, chat, video call), Comidor N&R system exploits the Company’s Organizational structure to deliver fast messages, deadlines, alerts, escalations and even SMS!


A Comidor Notification can be created simply by selecting the menu option “Notify”, which exists in almost all the Comidor record menus (tasks, cases, opportunities, projects, events etc.). From the Notification pop-up screen, one can: type the Notification Message, precisely select the recipients list (inclusion/exclusion lists on group/user level) and even inform externals, people with no Comidor access, through an email. All from one single screen!


On the other hand, a Comidor Reminder can be triggered from within a Task by pressing the “Create reminder” button. In the Reminder pop-up screen, one can define when the alert will take place (on task completion, on task time, select recipient, specify delayed period or days-before-deadline). The reminder can be sent by e-mail or SMS.


Example Scenario: 

Comidor N&R can be extremely useful when it comes to Project Management. The Project can be comprised of plenty participants coming from different parties (colleagues, externals, partners, contractors), from different department and even from different levels (one-off participants, simple team members, project managers, supervisors, CXOs). Not all of them can (nor need to) be informed of all the project happenings. The N&R can be applied to provide targeted updates, escalations, alert warnings and more!

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Dimitris Athanasiadis

Dimitris Athanasiadis

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