Comidor Tags and Links


Comidor Tags and Links provide you the benefit of connecting diverse records across Comidor (i.e. link a project to an opportunity, put a task and a case under the same tag “Customer Acquisitions”) empowering seamless information access, quick reference and easy data retrieval.


A Comidor Tag can be created by selecting the “Tags” button from within a Comidor Record (top menu, right side). The user can create a new tag (or reuse existing ones) and also choose if the new tag will be publicly available or private.         


Comidor Tag


A Comidor Link can be created by selecting the “Link with” button from within a Comidor Record drop-down menu (i.e. “Customer ABC” record). The user searches with a term (i.e. Partner) to find the related element for his link. The search results come indexed for easier navigation. The user clicks on the connector-icon of the element he thinks the link makes sense (i.e. “Partner XYZ”). Then he presses the “Link” button and the link is now created and available from both Comidor elements (“Customer ABC” is linked with the “Partner XYZ”).



Comidor Link


Example Scenario:

Comidor Tags are useful when one is organizing his work using topic-related categorizations (i.e. group folders by subject) rather than type-related categorizations (i.e. group emails by senders). Comidor Links are useful when it comes to cross-module correlations (i.e. link a CRM campaign to a Project).

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