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Comidor Geolocation map
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Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Introduction: Comidor offers more than 30 tools that cover a wide range of business activities (communication, collaboration, projects, CRM, financials, products, pricelists etc.). It is really important to have the right tools to retrieve/reference/analyze/report this load of business information: these are the Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Procedure: Comidor BI module doesn’t come as a…

Comidor User Interface
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Comidor User Interface (UI)

Introduction: Comidor is designed in a way that is simple for any user to understand it. Menus, Filters, Buttons, Lists all are designed and arranged in a way that allows the user to focus on his actual work rather than spending his valuable time trying to find his way around. List-Records Interface: 1 – Press…

Comidor Imports
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Introduction: Comidor imports speed up the change management procedures by allowing you to massively transfer data from your legacy systems into Comidor. Procedure: From the Admin menu, press “Imports”. The following pop-up appears and you can select the Generic Tab or the Zoho tab (integrations with more 3-party software will be added with each new…

Comidor User Timesheets
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User Timesheets Comidor Timesheet screen is straightforward and easy-to-understand. On the top of the filters section, you can apply your criteria as p.e. the name of the user, the task type that you prefer to investigate on or task’s state. Maximum user’s utilization is pre-set at 8 hours, but you can adjust it. By clicking…

Comidor site analytics
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Site Analytics

Introduction How about tracking your website traffic straight from Comidor CRM? You can monitor and check who has visited your website and when, see analytics and get an overview of your site flow.   Procedure When entering Site Analytics, first thing should be to get familiar with the actions and tools that this Unit provides…

Comidor Reports
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Reports – Business Intelligence tools

Introduction: Comidor Business Intelligence tools offer plenty predefined reports as well as a report builder tool for customization. They are separated into four different sections Task, Opportunities, Accounts and Project’s Reports. Procedure: After entering Report’s unit user can do multiple actions like: 1. Choose exactly in which unit would like to view a report. 2.…

Comidor process map
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Lists,Filters and Process Map

Introduction: Comidor users can create category Lists in various Comidor units (i.e. Event categories), Filters (i.e. Contact filters) and also edit process categories. The Administrator has the overall authority to correct, edit or delete them. Procedure: From the Managment unit, press “Lists”. Here, the user can monitor and control the Lists that the Comidor Users…

Comidor User Forms
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User Fields and User Forms

Introduction Sometimes, fields that are available in Components creation need to be more personalised to business needs. System Administrators can create User Fields that can be used in Generic Process, Opportunity, Campaign, Issue, Ticket, Project, Task, Account, Contact, Lead, Survey, Event, Topic and Work Package Forms. Procedure Creating a new User field In order to…

Comidor application rights
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Users, Application Rights and Payments

Introduction: The first user that registers in Comidor is the System Administrator (Admin). The Admin is responsible for managing Comidor users, creating, editing, de-activating a user and much more. The User Services unit gives the ability to administrators to hide packages and units to specified users. Imagine you want to let some user users of…

Comidor Tags and Links
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Tags and Links

Introduction: Comidor Tags and Links provide you the benefit of connecting diverse records across Comidor (i.e. link a project to an opportunity, put a task and a case under the same tag “Customer Acquisitions”) empowering seamless information access, quick reference and easy data retrieval. Procedure: Tags Creating a tag A Comidor Tag can be created…