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Users, Application Rights and Roles

Users, Application Rights and Roles The first user that is registered in Comidor is the System Administrator (Admin). The Admin is responsible for managing Comidor Users, creating Personnel and passwords, editing, deactivating a user and more. You can create a new User and then modify their details in the Personnel unit After creating a user…

View Groups Participation
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Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart One of the first and most important functions to complete in Comidor is the Organizational Chart. Organizational Chart represents the structure of the company and based on its accuracy ensures that company information flows correctly. To ensure that the Organizational Chart is fully functional, users / personnel must be added to groups. Therefore…

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Chat Room

Chat room Comidor Chat allows the user to communicate with other colleagues internally. The chat room offers both text messaging and video calls. It is supported across all web browsers and can communicate with colleagues through high-quality video streaming. Make sure the browser supports the latest WebRTC framework for video and audio chat. If it…

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Personnel (People Management)

  Personnel (People Management) People Management helps every business organize their staff. It also automates the whole recruiting process. All Personnel records can be categorized based on pre-defined or customized characteristics and linked with their CV and any other relevant documents. When viewing specific Personnel you can view their Personnel Schedule and basic Entitlement, which are…

Products and Services
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Products and Services

Products & Services are billable resources that can be used in projects to identify costs and revenues related to that project.(Software, Hardware, Travel Expenses etc.). These Products & Services can be used in Project Resource Budgeting. Products & Services can have different costs and sales rates. When creating a job title a product or service…

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Job Titles (People Management)

Job Titles Job Titles allows users to add specific Jobs with their own code and description and then match them with specific abilities and responsibilities. Matching a person with a Job Title will give Managers the ability to add the skills of the Job Title automatically to the person’s profile, together with any other manually…

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Absence Management

Absence Management Comidor Absence Management is an essential tool for every business to ensure that Personnel absences are handled accurately and efficiently. All users are able to submit absence requests and these requests are automatically submitted to the user’s line manager for approval. Every time a request is approved a notification is sent to the…

Skills - Skills Report
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Skills (Skills Management)

Skills Management Skills management enables managers to identify Personnel depending on their skillset. “Search by Skills” and “Skills per Person” features are also available through Personnel Skills can be used in conjunction with Job Title. To do this associate Skills with a Job Title Skills can be added to specific Personnel by their Manager, either manually…

Trainings - Featured
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Trainings (People Management)

Trainings (People Management) Trainings enables the the management and tracking of all Personnel Training. Users can add new Training events, create an Agenda and then invite users and groups. Other personnel can join training events. All hours that each person has spent on Trainings can be tracked with Training reports. Plan a new Training Go…