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Site Analytics

Introduction How about tracking your website traffic straight from Comidor CRM? You can monitor and check who has visited your website and when, see analytics and get an overview of your site flow.   Procedure When entering Site Analytics, first thing should be to get familiar with the actions and tools that this Unit provides…

business intelligence
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Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools   Comidor also provides Business Intelligence tools such as Data Visualization and Reporting Tools. Reporting tools per unit are accessible through Reports link or/and Actions button . While, Data Visualization Tools are available as different views e.g. List view, Chart view, 2D Analysis, 3D Analysis. Moreover, through report builder tool of 2D…

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Assets (Asset Utilization)

Assets As an Asset, we mainly consider Products and Services but also anything else that can help the project’s completion (vehicles, services, hired products etc.). “Assets” unit helps in adding different resources that can be used in a Task implementation. You can book an Asset while being in a View Task form. Utilization Board can reveal bottlenecks and unexploited…

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Workflow Examples

Get you feet wet with some simple Workflow examples. We used our Workflow BPMN 2.0 Modeller to visualize the real world business cases below after analyzing all the steps. In the Workflow examples, you may see some of our Workflow Designer capabilities. 1. New Opportunity Follow-Up Workflow Business Problem We are members of a Sales…