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Enterprise Automation with Comidor

Enterprise Automation with Comidor 700 466 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Comidor provides a complete Enterprise Automation solution that contains Business Process Management, CRM, People Management, Project Management capabilities under one roof Comidor Enterprise Automation. It saves time and boost teams productivity in the company by connecting all the dots.

Have you ever thought about having just one platform that can provide all the business connectivity? Whether it is about project management, people management, customer relationship management (CRM) and most importantly the business process management, Comidor has it all under one roof. It is an incredibility simple way to connect to all the business processes at one place and yet have peace of mind through users’ profiles level security accesses. Comidor provides a honeycomb security that provides robustness to company performances.

All colleagues can connect to Enterprise Automation tool like Comidor and remain connected via notification centre by reviewing each other’s work activities. One can assign tasks from one person to another or become a part of a collaborative team.

Comidor Enterprise Automation solution is fully cloud based, hence it does not have any device level restriction. One can connect it to Comidor Enterprise Automation through any devices such as Mac, PCs, Linux and more. Every user can access the Comidor Enterprise Automation tool directly via an ordinary internet connection. Whether you are about to take flight or enjoying holiday at the beach, as long as you have internet access, you can always remain on top of your business processes. Comidor Enterprises Automation, helps you with all updates happening in your business.

Comidor connects to all roles. If a person is a project manager, he/she can connect to project management tool and if a person is a HR manager, he can connect people management and business analyst or consultants can connect to all or business process management tool. Comidor has a one solution for all roles.

Most importantly everything has to be connected to “workflows”. Comidor Enterprise Automation with business process management powered by workflows, provides the streamline flow in the organisation.

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