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Business Process Modelling with Comidor 700 525 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Comidor specialises in business process modelling. An organisation is consisting of functions, data, business rules, organisation structure, technological rules, various applications and may exist in various territories. How can one get best in the highly competitive environment? With over years of experience in the industry and by studying a number of market analysis reports, we have developed a leading business process modelling tool. With help of a subject matter expert in process modelling, one can gain optimum performance in the organisation.

Comidor mobile phone app is available on Google Play store. One can create account at Comidor and gain access to:

A picture talks a million words.

Any organisation can increase the business performance by implementing a graphical represented business model. It is a combination of process discovery, process analysis and process mapping. Comidor business process modelling helps in creating the processes in graphical format. The team members of the organisations are able to collaborate in developing the optimised business processes. It can also be analysed whether the processes are the current on-going processes (or “as-is”) or the future newly developed processes (or “to-be”). Based on the performance of the process, the company performance can be evaluated. In case the processes require any modification or improvement, it is always worth it by seeing the visual process on the screen and then collaborate with relevant team members to get them modified or improved. Senior stakeholders of the company can also evaluate the processes and take decisions whether to stick with the same process or to revise it. This saves time to the management by reviewing the performance points on the business processes.

The illustration of the processes is like “flowcharts”. Here is a simple example of a company flowchart:

Comidor workflow automation

Comidor Workflow Automation


Step by step flowcharts from the beginning of a process to the end of the process can truly simply the understanding. Team members can know at each step on what to do and how to do the next activities in the organisation.

Comidor’s Business Process Management tool provides the following key features:

  • BPMN 2.0 Workflows
  • Forms
  • To-Do board
  • Notifications
  • KPIs

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