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Why we need business process modelling?

Why we need business process modelling? 700 466 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Isn’t it a million dollar question? If business is running great, it’s already making a turnover in multi millions and there are number of people working in the company. Projects are going pretty well too. Why would one need business process modelling?

Well, the answer to this is that with faster and accurate business processes, a company can deliver more and grow faster. Then the next question comes, How?

Let us justify the answer. 

In 2005, Harvard published an article on “The Benefits of Business Process Standards” by Thomas H. Davenport. It suggested that “Within a company, standardization of processes helps in creating better communications, more efficient handoffs, and performance benchmarking”. The management information systems allow these capabilities.

Michael Hammer (1948-2008) who was a professor at MIT and was writer of an article “The idea of re-engineering” at Harvard in 1990s wrote that Process improvements come from “walking in the customer’s shoes”, finding out what it is that customers really want, and then designing processes to meet that demand. Further in 1997 he wrote that “Processes are the key organisational theme for companies in the 21st century. Excellence in processes is what is going to distinguish successful organisations from the also-rans.” Source: article .

The benefits of having standardised business processes are:

  • Increased efficiency: Standardized business processes help in increasing the company performance significantly. Once all the departments start to flow the standardized processes and start to work accordingly, the company performance increases. All colleagues will follow the optimum business processes set by the management. Better communication can lead to better hand offs.
  • Better performance analysis: A detailed analysis is possible by identifying the best or the worst processes. The bad processes can be analysed and further optimised to increase the efficiency in the organisation. Detect the dropout points, identify the reasons and take actions to improve them.
  • Action with Agility: Right actions at the right time lead toward increasing the performances and productivity of the company. The companies have to remain agile with government regulations and adapt the market changes. New processes are required to be created and implemented quickly.
  • Faster growth: Standardised and optimum increases the company performance by having the cumulative growth by accomplishing as many tasks by working together in collaboration. Synchronised collaboration can be achieved with help of standardised business processes, this results in bringing great results in the company.

How could this be possible?

Business Process Management is a systematic, sometimes confusing,  methodology of continuous improvement. We have been doing research from a long time. Finally, after endless hours of hard-work, sweat and dedication, we developed a fully cloud based business process modelling tool, which can help in forming the standardise processes and productivity in the company.

Introducing you to “Comidor Enterprise Automation”.

Comidor Enterprise Automation is a fully web based business process modelling tool that also combines people management, project management, customer relationship management and interfacing tool under one roof. It is a complete BPM & Workflow Automation. Have you read our article about the reasons to start workflow automation. It is a robust solution, which provides a complete peace of mind by having advanced level security to protect the company data from all the threat, so that you can focus on company performance by developing standardised processes.

Comidor Cloud/On-Premise.

The journey inside the Comidor starts with a beautiful user interface. It starts with a simple start-up menu on the top left side, where all the module list appears. It is kept in a very organised manner to step from one module to another in a simple and sleek format. Top bar contains the tabs. Once we open a module, a tab appears on the top bar. Switching tabs is easy by click of a button. One can be working on a contact as well as well on a technical process, with simple click of the button we can shift from one module to another.

Here is a simple example of desktop user interface.

Comidor Desktop Screen

Comidor Desktop – Image #1

They key snapshots are right on the tip, monthly metrics, upcoming tasks, trending processes, expenses approvals, team tasks, work bench, quick guide, help center, quick launch button to add new activities and support center.

The Comidor business process management software contains the following features:

  • Built-in Workflows Designer
  • Complete-to-do Dashboard
  • Workflow Management
  • Smart Notifications & Working Scenarios
  • Custom Fields & Custom forms
  • Role based access & collaboration
  • Auto Email generation on Task Completion
  • Business Objectives & KPIs

Here is an example of a simple technical business process on Comidor BPMM 2.0.

Comidor bpm

Technical Process – Image #2

A company can achieve the desired goals by completing the tasks, while the tasks require to have appropriate standardised business processes for optimum performance. Comidor BPM 2.0 provides the platform to develop, implement, monitor and improve business processes. It is an incredible business modelling tool that has all the necessary capability which a company requires such as Enterprise Collaboration, People Management, Project Management, Sales Force Automation, on a low-code development platform.

Let’s summarise by highlighting the key points:

  1. Comidor Enterprise Automation serves to create standardised business processes, increasing company’s performance by creating better communications, more efficient handoffs, and performance benchmarking. This justifies “Thomas H. Davenport” research article published at “The Benefits of Business Process Standards
  1. Comidor Enterprise Automation helps in improving the business processes by stepping into customers shoes. Comidor contains CRM capability and connects to internal and external business processes. This justifies Michael Hammer’s research article on “The idea of re-engineering”.

Comidor Enterprise Automation provides a complete peace of mind by having the solution up and running in minutes by setting up an account at Comidor website at . Comidor provides two licenses versions

  1. Comidor Professional version
  2. Comidor Enterprise version

Our award-winning support team takes care of every query, issue or support request professionally, efficiently and promptly.

We provide full training to help you get started on Comidor platform. As you start using Comidor, you will find a smooth experience which is simple and yet robust to take care of all the heavy volume of tasks.

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