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Business process modelling – from Start to End

Business process modelling – from Start to End 700 464 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Every business is working from Input to Output. We input our resources in the form of man power, skills, knowledge, experience and work toward the projects, milestones and tasks to successfully complete them. At the end, we receive the outputs in the form of rewards toward the project completion.

In-between from the start point (Input) to the End point (Output), we have processes to accomplish the job. Each task is assigned to relevant resource to the relevant role. We can evaluate the accuracy of the delivery of each task and impact, that it will create for the next task. The tasks which are completed faster, saves time to next task and helps in increasing the company efficiency overall and also helps in keeping the cost low.

Was everything needed to be on manual paper based process modelling only. Creating flow charts on the paper and then monitoring them manually by keeping team leaders, would have been a very time-consuming job.

Thanks to the technology revolution, Comidor has developed a business process modelling tool, that can help you from the Input point to the Output point. Comidor Enterprise Automation tool helps in developing, analysing and monitoring the processes at each task level and helps in evaluating the overall performance. Each task is allocated to a role, where the colleague’s productivity can be monitored as well. Handovers are far easier than the traditional method of sending email updates to each other’s.  All colleagues can be the part of the business process and can see the accomplishment done by one colleague to another.

Comidor understands the depth of business processes, our business process modelling tool can help you succeed in the business faster and efficiently.

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