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Customer relationship philosophy
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Customer Relationship philosophy

Probably the most controversial letters in business terminology are c, r and m. I bet all money, ok the ones in my pocket, that I will get hundred different answers, from hundred CEOs from the question: what is a CRM?Or even worse, what is a CRM Project Management? And I bet, all my money this…

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Social media integration with pm
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Exploit Social Media integration of a PM Software

So, finally your VC approved (actually re-wrote) your business plan. You took some courage when you and your co-founding buddies logged your first income stream in your collaboration CRM tasks management super duper SaaS platform(s) and now you’ re ready to spread your wings to the unknown. You think that finally you have the luxury…

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Sales stats
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Fast generation of sales stats

They say that wisdom comes with the age, or something like that. And they are right. Couple of years ago I found myself presenting in a conference packed with academics, their esquire wannabes and some “incognito” businessmen. My presentation had to do with business eco-systems and how these can create more sale revenues and all…

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Business Features Infographic
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All features that your business needs! – Infographic

Open Source
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How and when to invest in Open Source

Open source is everywhere. The “bazaar” proved to be too hard to die and too good to be ignored. It is even used by or even injected inside some of the “cathedrals’” most valuable codes. But, still there is this mind barrier that divides geeks from IT managers. Still, after almost twenty years from its…

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Online collaboration software for startups
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Online Collaboration Software for Startups

Startups are not something new. Making one is not even considered an achievement (at least in the developed/developing countries). What makes startups exciting is the human aspect, the youth aspect. Startups, and for a reason, are synonymous to youth entrepreneurship as most of the owners fall within the “business tender age” characterized by one dose…

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Cloud computing
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Open Source and Cloud Computing

Many questions have arisen regarding the Cloud Computing and Open Source and if can be compatible with each other. Some as Richard Stallman, GNU Founder warn that “Cloud computing is a trap, because Web-based programs will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time” Others have said…

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Enterprise Agility
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Enterprise Agility & Digital Disruption

At the disruption era, Large Enterprises are highly interested to establish a digitally collaborative culture, towards information and process monitoring that brings harmony. Controlling the information flow is a key prerequisite to drive growth within -often labyrinthine- large multinational organizations. It can be the difference maker for business success during the change that occurs when new digital…

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Cloud Apps
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Web Vs Cloud Apps

One might think that selling cloud apps is straightforward.  Yes, you have all the Tech media advocating for Cloud IaaS, Paas and SaaS and all the fancy social media apps paving the way for an easy deal. But trying to sell a cloud CRM or even a free project management app to old school CEOs…

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cloud scalability | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
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Scalability – The reason for a greener cloud!

Basically I have a pro environmental behavior but I admit that I’m not eco-friendly. I cannot consider myself as such while spending at least half of my day working-surfing-chatting-surfing-working through my office PC, my two laptops, my smart phone and my tablet. You have to admit that none of us is. Certainly YOU’re not ‘cause…

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Cloud Security
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Cloud Security Bucket List

Enough has been said and circulated over any possible media you can imagine about Cloud security.No matter how thoroughly testers test cloud solutions ,  “security advocates” going crazy about the so called lack of security of sensitive data over the cloud. They are right to express their concerns and vendors should pay attention. Moreover, we…

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Cloud Testing | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
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5+1 things that cloudy testers should focus on

I’ve always wondering what’s all this fuss about the cloud testing and how a SaaS should be tested; what is really the difference between a cloud-based web application and one on-demand? Maybe it’s one more topic to talk about and have dozens of web “ink” spent on how to do cloud testing and what exactly…

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