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Cloud development platform
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Cloud development platform, a necessity to every Enterprise

This is the first of a series of articles that will evolve over time aiming to journey readers to the world of enterprise cloud development. Cloud applications are growing rapidly, mainly due to the fact that cloud endows enterprises with the ability to multiply its solutions portfolio and thus attract a much bigger audience. Customers are…

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Growth with Business Processes Management
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Planning for Growth with Business Processes Management

At the ERA of digital disruption, Organizations need to operate with a structured approach to identify points for improvement, embrace change and seamlessly monitor activities. The structured and often chained set of actions or activities that a man or a machine should execute towards accomplishing a particular output, refer to what is literally called a…

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5 Great Reasons to Start Using Workflows Today!

Have you ever dreamed of a working environment where business processes are fully automated and all you have to do is wait for your turn to act? Forget about everything you knew about business process management and get ready to experience a brand new workflow – centered business era.  Let the automation transform your business and take…

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Business Process Automation - Piece of cake
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Business Process Automation? Piece of Cake.

Getting your business to a level of internal organization is often like walking on the moving sand. You can never say that things are that stable, especially during the digital disruption era. Thus, CEOs have to be alert constantly, about how much control of their company they have on hand. As Kody Keplinger says on…

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Surfire BPM | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
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Surefire Secrets that a BPM Platform will reveal to you

BPM platform refers to the improvement of enterprise performance by monitoring and improving its business processes. It is commonly known that BPM platform will offer an organization an effective Process Automation, increased efficiency and improved agility. The most popular elements an integrated BPM platform has to offer are:  Modelling and defining of the business rules…

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Reasons to use task management software
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9 Key Reasons to use Online Task Management Software

Daily business life is full of tasks; work, meetings, phone calls, appointments, business trips and much more. Many professionals to remember, manage and finally accomplish these tasks, they use post-it notes, pieces of paper with to-do lists, calendar notebooks or just their minds. However, some others use Online Task Management Software. In this article, we…

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Task Management time saving
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Key Reasons Not to use Task Management Software

Despite the variety of Task Management Software, there are still professionals who have not figured out what these tools really offer or they have not found yet the suitable solution for them. Of course there are also those who just refuse to use them. For example, the “busy guy”:“I cannot lose my time keeping records of…

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Cloud Productivity
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Cloud productivity & Team Productivity for dummies

Last night I had a couple of drinks with friends. A bunch of old dogs desperately seeking for relaxed quality time, but hopelessly ending over and over again talking about CRM Project Management, problems with collaboration, new fabulous Business Intelligence tools and stuff…Last night’s guest start “stuff” was productivity. Each one of us had a…

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Task Management Tool
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Why BPM platform are fundamental

Using technology and BPM platform for Collaboration Task Management tools  are everywhere and technology’s growth seems unstoppable. The growth is not only coming in terms of accomplishments (incredible new materials, superb energy efficiency, medical miracles, sci-fi patents, miniature engineering, speed-of-light processing software), but also in terms of geographical penetration. Actually, the whole planet is benefitting…

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