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Thousand tiny apps
700 464 George Fylaktopoulos

The solution of “the thousand tiny apps” problem

In a world where your job becomes more and more dependent on PCs, internet and SaaSapplications, I find it quite hard to understand how still people can cope the current technological complexity. Everyone who works from his office- and by working I do not mean facebook- can easily understand what I am talking about. Each day…

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700 464 Dimitris Athanasiadis

Programming is not a piece of c++e

Programming is not a piece of cake, but if you think that the best programmer is the one who can type by heart all the libraries and frameworks, line by line, then you are quite wrong! It is all about translation skills, rather than memorization skills. The role of the programmer is to successfully translate the…

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700 400 George Fylaktopoulos

From Amstrad to wearable devices, my IT reminiscence…

Being born in the early 80’s I had the chance to live in a world in the break point of technological changes. From playing in the playground with others, within a decade we were transformed into tech freaks that cannot live without internet, PCs and mobile phones. Sometimes, I am trying to remember what happened…

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Startup Flight
700 400 Androklis Mavridis

How confident do you feel in your startup flight?

Make no mistake; to manage a vivid startup, it’s like flying a jet. The excitement and the anticipation of the unknown makes you sick the first time, and probably make you sick again through your flying courses. The only thing that helps in taking the edge off is to fly more! You, like a pilot,…

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Open data
700 400 Spiros Skolarikis

The “Cloudy” question: Open source or Open data?

There is this epic debate about the co-existence of cloud computing and open source software. Some as Richard Stallman, GNU Founder warn that “Cloud computing is a trap, because Web-based programs will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time”. Others have said – including Tim O’Reilly,…

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Dos and donts for startups
700 400 Androklis Mavridis

10 Do’s and Don’ts for startups

Establishing & running a startup company is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. But there are some common characteristics which are shared by the most successful ones. 1. Don’t waste time, resources and energy in grand and impressive strategies and long term business – marketing plans. Prefer smart resource utilization and store this energy when the…

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Tools for startups
700 400 Androklis Mavridis

10 tools for startups that will help you work effectively

1.       Dropbox Dropbox has become a synonym of Cloud storage. If you want your documents to follow you wherever you are and with any device you use then DropBox will be very helpful. For free users the storage limit is 2GB, which is ok for a startup. The problem with DropBox is…

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Migrate to the cloud
700 410 George Fylaktopoulos

5 reasons why businesses migrate to the cloud slower

1)      People are afraid of changes Why should a company even think about changing its operations if they are successful? This dilemma is more apparent especially in large enterprises with many specialized business processes with next to zero down times. No one is happy to change something if this something is working and brings money. 2)      Lack…

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Startup Ideas
700 400 Androklis Mavridis

Do not waste any more startup ideas!

Having a beer with friends the other night the topic was around missed business opportunities. Ok, all of us had more than a couple of those, especially back then, when we’re having loads of ideas aiming to change the world (at least). The one topic led to another and after some rounds (maybe more), we…

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Cloud development platform
700 468 George Fylaktopoulos

Cloud development platform, a necessity to every Enterprise

This is the first of a series of articles that will evolve over time aiming to journey readers to the world of enterprise cloud development. Cloud applications are growing rapidly, mainly due to the fact that cloud endows enterprises with the ability to multiply its solutions portfolio and thus attract a much bigger audience. Customers are…

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Growth with Business Processes Management
1200 686 John Kirpitsas

Planning for Growth with Business Processes Management

At the ERA of digital disruption, Organizations need to operate with a structured approach to identify points for improvement, embrace change and seamlessly monitor activities. The structured and often chained set of actions or activities that a man or a machine should execute towards accomplishing a particular output, refer to what is literally called a…

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700 400 Comidor

5 Great Reasons to Start Using Workflows Today!

Have you ever dreamed of a working environment where business processes are fully automated and all you have to do is wait for your turn to act? Forget about everything you knew about business process management and get ready to experience a brand new workflow – centered business era.  Let the automation transform your business and take…

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