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Customer relationship philosophy
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Customer Relationship philosophy

Probably the most controversial letters in business terminology are c, r and m. I bet all money, ok the ones in my pocket, that I will get hundred different answers, from hundred CEOs from the question: what is a CRM?Or even worse, what is a CRM Project Management? And I bet, all my money this…

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Social media integration with pm
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Exploit Social Media integration of a PM Software

So, finally your VC approved (actually re-wrote) your business plan. You took some courage when you and your co-founding buddies logged your first income stream in your collaboration CRM tasks management super duper SaaS platform(s) and now you’ re ready to spread your wings to the unknown. You think that finally you have the luxury…

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Sales stats
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Fast generation of sales stats

They say that wisdom comes with the age, or something like that. And they are right. Couple of years ago I found myself presenting in a conference packed with academics, their esquire wannabes and some “incognito” businessmen. My presentation had to do with business eco-systems and how these can create more sale revenues and all…

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ITO 360
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ITO-360: The 360-approach to Enterprise Optimization

ITO-360 stands as a 360-degree design thinking perspective to enterprise optimization, which requires the joint of digitalization of data, business processes and assets, with the intent to reduce costs while maximizing business value.  Leading in Digitalization Some key technologies that drive the Digital Transformation are Cloud Computing, Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Mobility. Digital experts, no matter if…

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Developers Extinct
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Where have all the developers gone?

From Wikipedia: A software developer is a person concerned with facets of the software development process. According to an IDC study (carried in 2014) there are 18,539,500 hobbyists and professional developers in the world. Now they should outnumber 20,000,000 and the numbers still grow. Not bad for a job that did not exist 60 years…

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View on startups
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A critical view on startups

I am not going to start with a short preface in this article. I am going to be straight forward. Enough with the startups! I am tired of reading newspapers, blogs and website articles about successful startups in 2013, 2014, 2015. I am tired of hearing the same old ideas, covered with new fancy words…

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Comidor for iOs
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Comidor is now available in iOS

Good news for all iOS fans! Comidor is now uploaded in Apple Store and is waiting for you to download it! Your personal assistant when you are on the move! All basic Comidor functionalities are also available on iOS mobile version: Emails : Check your emails at a glance, send new or forward existing e-mails to…

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Business Features Infographic
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All features that your business needs! – Infographic

Comidor 3.0
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Comidor 3.0 New Release

Changes in Comidor design Our new design gives priority to navigation. The apps have been repositioned in a more flexible and clear menu, which has been placed on the left bar. All tabs open horizontally, following the browser’s design. There are also minor changes in all tables and forms   Filebox The widgets inside the…

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Christmas apps
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A handful of apps for your company’s Christmas stocking

Christmas is here. This time of the year, streets and malls get staffed with people joyfully spending their  money in presents. But have you ever thought of making a present to your business? The ideas are countless, as you can choose from new furniture and PCs to all these business apps that are made to…

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Technology Predictions 2015
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Technology Predictions for 2015

It’s a fact that predictions have always attracted people’s attention, otherwise all these fortune-tellers and mediums would have been unemployed instead of wearing golden rings and necklaces. Based on this, we decided to peer into our crystal balls (actually with the shape of a screen) and collect all the technology trends that we have this feeling that…

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Open Source
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How and when to invest in Open Source

Open source is everywhere. The “bazaar” proved to be too hard to die and too good to be ignored. It is even used by or even injected inside some of the “cathedrals’” most valuable codes. But, still there is this mind barrier that divides geeks from IT managers. Still, after almost twenty years from its…

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