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10 Factors that changed Sales

10 Factors that changed Sales 700 400 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

1. Globalization of economy

It has been a long time ago we all started to talk about it and yet it never stops. Overseas is always cheaper. Competition is growing and everyone is so smart now to offer same and even better services and products.  Your company has faced it and your progress is slow, look around – everyone is competing and every bit of information is sensitive, the moment you read it – someone is competing against you! Take advantage of all these CRM best practices that everyone can find in the net and start building your own global campaign.

2. No more middlemen are required, no more experts are needed

Everyone is blogging, posting, giving opinions and all reviews and critics are gone. Internet built an excellent bridge between the buyer and the seller and voice of somebody-that-recommends your product will never be heard. Forget about it. The world has really changed its shape.

3. Global crisis stages

Every century had recessions, low consumption, low production, decline of financial operations. Every period of time gives a lot of pressure to build a steady business. Global instability gives you a strong shake to rebuild your business model again and again as per crisis stages. The last 100 years totally mixed up all global industries and you need to consider that.

4. Purchasing power

This change is one of the greatest and positive ones. Everyone is in a rush to purchase something every day. We buy more than we need. Our companies purchase a lot, including assets and staff. Clients believe that they need to buy, purchasing has become a second religion.

5. Monopolization

Classical theory tells us that monopolists set the highest price. However, in reality it is different. The bigger market is filled with different vendors, the more companies will agree to low the prices to make sales in general. Especially when you are a buyer for some supply commodities for production, you will be overwhelmed with millions of offers. When you take a look at this angle, you will find the way to improve your sales performance.

6. Opposite of 5

Market is a jungle. No fair attitude at all. Your business can easily fall in the segment of suppliers and you will be leaving on the low pricing unless you will rise up for the higher level of your products. Once you behave as a low-price manufacturer, market will reflect you accordingly.

7. Games with financial numbers

All CEO’s, CFO and other executive tops are concerned about the numbers, they are ”holy” members of the organization. They reduce the time for salespeople to make sales, they need reports, sales funnels and numbers to monitor the results. All science of financial numbers shows us how to create reports for top management. It is not that bad but it steals the precious time of salespeople.

8. Your Majesty – The Internet

No more secrets about you or your clients. We are all naked in the internet, literally opened with enough business information and before we open our mouth to talk – your opponents know your answers. Internet has become a great tool to re-shape negotiation process and decision-making.

9. Buying Process

Again the internet that gives one direct way to find and buy but it is not used for finding the right suppliers. Big companies are living under pressure of stakeholders and team that will make a decision in favor of a certain seller. ”Opinions that Matter ” changed the sales classics. You need to make a decision based on consideration of all ideas of all involved participants.

10. Sales Skills

Besides a common business sense to do the right trade, now the sales person needs to be more intelligent and have the best analytical methods in the hands. Demonstration is simply not enough, nowadays sales need to predict objections, create selling stories, analyze the prospect potential and create unique value every minute talking to a lead. Not to mention the powerful CRM vendors that are becoming more and more and offer tools like email campaigns and lead management that make every software, even the CRM for small businesses the best way to boost sales rates.