Sales Process

Everything in life is a circle! The sales process too!

Everything in life is a circle! The sales process too! 700 411 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Best practice of management is always silent about different methodology. Every salesman has his own tiny secrets and tips to produce maximum sales, loyalty, productivity and value.

Whenever you try to create a new breakthrough method, relax and remember about correct implementation of operating procedures. No matter how much staff you have or even what you sell, you follow a circle that has its own life. You are free to ignore all communications and wait your luck at the door, waiving a nicely designed price-list; but when customers come to your place, they are not necessarily looking for your products. They are looking for a place and a person from who they can buy what they want.

Sad truth is that the art and science of selling has been misconstrued for years encouraging people to believe that selling is the act of forcing things on people that they do not really want or need. The days of the fast-talking salesmen in shining shoes and business suits are gone. They have been replaced for professionals that assist and guide them in making their important buying decisions without aggressive emphasis on closing of the sale.

We are all in business to develop working relationships that will serve us, both now and well into the future. We are not attacking anyone, we are professionals that deliver services and goods to the public, showing value and integrity to build trust.

When you start your sales experience, you may notice that hundreds, if not thousands of books exist on the market that detail sales techniques ”100 sales rules”, ”the art of closing the sales”, ”top 10 secrets to win a sale” and so on along with all these powerful CRM Project Management Collaboration Business Intelligence tools. All of them are excellent books and tools and definitely written and made to help you, still all our customers are individuals. Something you did with one client, will never work for the other. Unlike the situation given in the book, the customer will change the script on you. You do not need to be emotional about this fact. This is the reality we face and you cannot have any unique recipe to close sales. This is the circle of life. You do not know anything about decision-making of your customers. But it is up to you to challenge it. Find the integrity they are looking for and give them a wonderful presentation and control only the circle of sales. That has always its beginning that starts from you and will be finished by your customer. Knowing where you start your sales circle is half of the battle you are going to win.

The segments of the circle are:

  1. Initial contact
  2. Evaluation of needs
  3. Demonstration
  4. Following up/closing sale/adding on

Be careful that this circle is really a circle but not a step-by-step procedure.  The customer that walks in and asks ”Can I look at your product before I am going to buy it” – does not exist. To pull a customer to a demonstration step is quite an effort and demonstration is the case where there is a situation that your product may fit. Very rarely there are situations in the shops that somebody walks in and you simply determine the details of the purchase. In all other cases, you will have to spend a lot of time to search for meaningful but non-business information and study the emotional reason behind the purchase.

My point is that billions of customers are so different and every salesperson will be different but the real beauty of sales is that every deal, every touch of communication is a circle and it is a salesperson ability to bounce around the circle of sale, asking questions, suggesting products, delivering presentations and finally building a strong relationship selling.

Frankly speaking success is no accident. The only limitation you have in achieving success is fear. The minute you realize you have no fear, you start your sales circle, you make the beginning and with customer loyalty, you will be the hero to make the end of this circle. You made a sale. You made a difference. You closed the circle.

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