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BPM Software makes better brands

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In literature, brands are sets of impressions that lives in people’s heads, according to marketing expert, Peter Economides, who worked -among others- with Steve Jobs at Apple. Inevitably, these perceptions will determine the brand’s value, and there are numerous reasons why its value matters, as companies’ market valuation (i.e. stock price) is influenced by this. Companies strive to establish types of recognition, maintaining their sustainability since investors show a high tendency to rely on highly recognized, strong trademarks. According to business valuator & strategist David Haig, «Investing in Strong Brands Doubles Returns over S&P Average».

How BPM software contribute in brand building

It’s made clear, brand value creation is an endless effort to sustain and improve perception of whatever the organization communicates to the surrounding ecosystem. Thus, the question rises is how do the organizations secure the correctness of the signals sending to the ecosystem? Especially nowadays at the ERA of digital disruption and with the power of social media, a tiny little wrong message can become a red alert risk. It takes sometimes years to design, produce and market a product (i.e. a cherry smoothie), however the damage from an error in quality can screw your lifetime efforts. The ultimate goal for a business is to create happy customers, happy followers, happy investors, happy fans, which usually leads to high dividends pay-offs. A critical mission as such, is to SECURE your ecosystem (have a look at our short “security bucket list”) with standardization on the way you operate (design, produce, test, launch products, etc.) and among all, secure that your interactions with the ecosystem are rocket speed prompt and laser cut sharp. Thus, we reach to the point that technology layers, such as Business Process Management, named simply “BPM Software” required to shelter communication promptness and no-mistake procedure runs.

BPM Software and Communication Promptness

The power of prompt communication with internal and external customers within an organization, is a key element to build confidence, engage, interact, promote, train, and resolve issues, in any organization. Starting from the culture creation inside the organization relying on a modern, reliable, 24/7, online model that can apply to any method (pull, push, interactive), today’s’ BPM software provide this collaboration and interaction functionality, enabling promptness that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency. Eventually, it serves planning and execution of strategic responses to risks, and exploitation for opportunities to became better and better, every day.

BPM Software and no-mistake procedure runs

Making errors in the execution of critical business processes is crucial and with direct impact to image. Such can be a delayed, or even worst a wrong product delivery, or a below quality standards product delivery, can damage the organization’s image. Learn how BPM & QMS add value to an organization.

– Avoidance: Using BPM platforms that enable workflow automation, during business process run.
– Mitigation: Trigger prompt communications to facilitate smooth resolution on issues arise.

Conclusively, it requires combined efforts to secure brand value, while a smart BPM platform can contribute significantly providing the vehicle to secure no-mistake procedures and communication promptness with your peers.