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Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Guide

Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Guide 700 394 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Digital Transformation is a great challenge for every business. Technology is changing rapidly and needs significant effort keep up to date, but with no doubt is the key to tuning up your company. Usually, it’s not that easy to figure out where to start and which steps to follow, but by the time you make the decision to change, then the most difficult part of the process is already done. However, we have prepared a Digital Transformation Guide to help you to start your digital business transformation. Learn more about how business process management drives digital transformation.

Study you digital transformation guide:

1. Set your digital business transformation Goals

Before embracing the change, be sure that your business goals are valid and up to date, setting what will be considered as an impact for the next 1-3 years. These goals are the key to form the structure of your new business model and will be the reference for all your future actions.

2. Create a Strategic Plan

After setting the goals, define the ways in which they will be achieved by creating a strategic plan of actions. At this point you may need the help of an experienced professional to demonstrate to you the optimal tactics and processes that will save you time and money.

3. Be Flexible, but persistent to Strategy

While you are preparing for growth, the world of business will still be changing and evolving. This means that you may have to modify your tactics (processes) to deliver grow multiple times during the transformation process. Stay updated and flexible and you will deliver the best results for your business.

4. Choose the right Software Solution

Digital Business Transformation means business process automation. Choosing the right Business process management tool for your business may take a great amount of time as you may need to test multiple solutions in extreme use cases. In case you want to extend automation in all business departments and operations, you can choose a software like Comidor that seamlessly integrates business process management and workflow automation with enterprise collaboration and project management functionality. Find How to choose a Workflow Automation tool by Comidor Blog.

5. Use your data for Growth, translating numbers to business value

Data can give you valuable information about your business. Analyzing this data, you can identify which internal processes are running in an optimal way and which need to be modified.

6. Apply the three horizons model

According to the three horizons model, there is a framework you can follow to:

Defend the core of your business,

Do activities that are designed to enhance or grow your business in the medium term and

Seed options today for the future some of which will prove successful and contribute significant profits in the long term.

 7. Help your Personnel Evolve

As long as internal structure and processes are changing and new management and execution models are adopted, the need for personnel training arises. The personnel should obtain the knowledge background to be able to work in a complex digital business environment and support the new applied technologies.

8. Empower Collaboration of Teams

Better Collaboration will improve productivity. Investing in new communication channels among the team members will bring outstanding results. Generally speaking, see how to boost a team’s productivity.

9. Innovate

Going with the flow and adopting modern technologies is always the right choice but to stand out you need to be different. Brainstorming and innovation should become a part of your business routine. Listen to your customers, be open to change and soon you will lead the market. Also, find 5 important questions to ask your customers.

10. Set your plan to action

Planning may be a complex process that demands a lot of time and effort but transforming will be only achieved through actions. Set your plan to action and get ready for your digital future.