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BPM suite: Why BPM is of high importance

BPM suite: Why BPM is of high importance 700 466 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

From my past experience in several Business Process Management (BPM) projects deliveries to large organizations worldwide, I come across to the same problems CIOs face at the very beginning of their research:

  1. Technology offering in software is too complex nowadays
  2. Products lacking a fit for purpose justification


These 2 facts raise the following questions:

How will a BPM suite start working within the organization?

Why BPM is of high importance?

What is the effort needed for customization & integration?

How will the users bring on their data, as part of the processes?

What are the low-code capabilities? Even Forbes wonders on this.

Can the organization’s values be reflected on the business process run?

How can people engagement on the platform be tracked?

How can the output of process automation be measured and get linked with strategy?

The above are just some of the high-level questions, surely bother IT teams while exploring digital transformation for their organization. This exploration is not a trend, it’s a necessity, and according to a 2017 Gartner’s research with 388 CEOs, more than half say digital transformation is profitable. So, why BPM is of high importance?

No doubt, curiosity needs justification and non-explanatory software offerings create a buzz. Things must be crystal clear, and today most of the solutions appear as Modern Art paintings, without providing a decent level of understanding about what you see, what is really represented on the theme.

How to choose your BPM suite

Unless a BPM suite can be clearly understood, then it will never be appreciated and therefore cannot maximize added value, even if it will be adopted. Today, from the vendor’s perspective it’s a great challenge to make things clear, answer in all the above questions, making the stakeholders participating in a BPM evaluation project feel confident.

While software houses tend to provide abstract and complex BPM portals, users need their solution to be marked as clear as a Circle drawn on the wall. Because they value simplicity and know precisely what can be adopted by their organization. Find a simple BPM software that can drive success to your business.

My advice: Unless you don’t understand what you see, don’t waste your time. Solutions must be as clear as a simple circle drawn on the wall.