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5 Signs you need Workflow Automation

5 Signs you need Workflow Automation 700 718 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Why to use Workflow Automation?

Workflow Automation is the next step to take when you look for business performance improvement. Given that all business models are pretty much unique, including procedures and people, it is difficult to identify when the time for change has come, as well as from where to start.

There is a wide range of Workflow Automation solutions, also known as BPM software, and the average level of complexity is relatively high. Stick with the one that will require minimum adaptation of your operational structure and execution routines, and it will pay you off. As BPM vendors, we use to deep dive to the specific needs of each client, prior to providing a Workflow automation solution and start over with custom implementations. This point is kind of make it or break it, as you will need an agile team in terms of business-ready solutions provision and support responsiveness. So, meet the 5 reasons why to use workflow automation.

Do you need Workflow Automation?

From our experience, you can tell that your business is ready for a Workflow Automation Software, when:

1. You are still using excel extensively

Companies should keep a log of task, process and operational information but many of them do it manually using excel sheets. This old-fashion tactic can cause a lot of problems when it comes to productivity and data processing. A workflow automation software will automatically store and process data to produce results for further process optimization and an increase in profits.

2. You are using multiple software solutions

Trying to keep up to date, many businesses end up using multiple software solutions for different business operations. Different software used in different departments create a gap in collaboration and process flow and, sometimes, result in duplicate data submission and time waste. A workflow management system will bridge the gap between different business departments, integrate multiple functionalities in one software and offer a highly collaborative environment to connect people, data and processes.

3. Tasks do not start/finish on time

There are many reasons why a task may not start on time including a delay of approvals, bad communication or lack of information. Workflows eliminate this problem ensuring that task assignees will receive smart notifications to tune up their work and have full access to all the required information including task requirements, guidelines, related messages, documents, accounts and more. Task management is very essential so meet some reasons to use online task management.

4. There are no Process Execution Standards

Process execution standards can ensure the quality of deliverables and prevent execution mistakes. When process execution standards are set, the process is optimized to achieve that the right steps will be followed every time the process runs in the best execution time possible.

5. There is no way to monitor the status of the process

Automation Software will give you access to live information like task status, process status, execution times, reports, deliverables and more. If you choose a software that comes with a mobile application you will also be able to access all this information on-the-go. Learn more about the reasons to start using workflows today.
So, are you ready for the next step? Start automating your business today with Comidor. 2018 is coming and be prepared for digital transformation new trends.