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How to Successfully Combine RPA and BPM

How to Successfully Combine RPA and BPM 790 527 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Whether it’s intentional or not, just about every business functions using a set of business processes. But did you know there are actually ways to automate your business end-to-end and make your processes smart? Business Process Management (BPM) combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allow you to create, automate, and manage your everyday business processes in a more efficient and intelligent way. Read on to learn more about why you’ll want to invest in BPM and RPA combined

What Is BPM?

We’ll start by defining what BPM is. Businesses across all industries work by using business processes. These processes are tasks brought together to complete a specified goal. BPM then, is the way in which businesses design, implement, and manage these business processes. Many businesses also utilize BPM to analyze their current processes and identify improvement opportunities.

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Automating business processes is entirely feasible using BPM software. This type of software comes equipped with all the tools businesses need to streamline their processes and produce more accurate results. 

What Is RPA?

Now, let’s move on to RPA or Robotic Process Automation. As automation technology continues to grow in the business world, more and more companies are seeking new ways to automate their processes. That’s where RPA comes in.

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RPA is a type of software that can create and implement robots that can complete repetitive and time-consuming tasks. RPA software is able to produce more accurate and efficient results in a timely manner, allowing your team more time to focus on larger-scale projects that require a more human touch. 

BPM and RPA Combined

Both BPM and RPA offer unique elements that make them must-haves for every business. Luckily, businesses have the opportunity to experience BPM and RPA combined. BPM is used to automate, execute, and manage business processes, and RPA is supplementary software that deploys bots to automate these routine processes normally performed by employees.

bpm and rpa combined images-05 | ComidorIn working with BPM, RPA takes on those repetitive and overly time-consuming manual tasks that are a key part of your business processes. Instead of having a team member spend precious time on these tasks, RPA software can complete them instead. This will increase the accuracy and efficiency of your results. 

We’ll dive more into the specific benefits of BPM and RPA combined in the next section. 

Benefits of BPM and RPA Together

There are many benefits of BPM and RPA combined that your business can take advantage of.

Modern Integration

Many businesses are still using older systems that have paved the way for these new technologies to enter the workforce. However, it can be difficult to combine more modern software with these older programs. By combining BPM and RPA, businesses are able to create integrations that allow them to still utilize some of the older systems that many businesses are familiar with.  

Increased Productivity

Think of how much time your team spends in a day working on small, repetitive tasks. Don’t you wish there was a way to remove those from the day and spend more time on larger projects and improving customer relations? Well, it may be time to invest in BPM and RPA together. By automating business processes and having robots complete these repetitive tasks, you’re likely to see a significant increase in team productivity

Decreased Bottlenecks

Often, repetitive tasks such as a minute decision or manual data entry become bottlenecks in the process. This means that they withhold forward movement in a project and can lead to delayed deadlines in some cases. By implementing BPM and RPA combined, these software solutions can handle these bottlenecks and decrease the completion time of projects. 

Accurate Results

With BPM and RPA combined, practical human errors are all but eliminated. Manual data entry that can lead to inaccurate reports is handled by an RPA system with much higher accuracy. Your business will be able to produce higher quality results with a clearer picture of where process improvement can occur. 

Comidor BPM Automation

At Comidor, we’re all about making your workdays more productive and efficient. That’s why we provide all the tools you’ll need to experience BPM and RPA combined. Our No-Code / Low-Code platform allows you to easily build and manage the workflows your team needs to succeed. Integrate our RPA technology with the built-in BPM software for achieving Hyperautomation

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