Project Portfolio Management

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Project Management

Project Management

Innovative "echo" model

Assign orders and tasks to personnel, team leaders, or external teams and monitor their progress and deliverables. Track the actual project costs as these are generated and reported instantly. Have a clear picture of what’s going on at any given moment in your project with powerful and dynamic reports. Comidor PM fully exploits collaboration features to achieve a high level of automation in cost calculation, tasks completion, requirements fulfillment and outcomes delivery. Comidor PM follows the steps below:

  • Project Manager(s) (PM) sets up the project, selects the participating groups, Teams and plans the Gantt chart. Defines the desired workload for the resources to define the expected budget and finally assigns each team schedule to its associated leader.
  • Team Leader(s) (TL) selects the appropriate resources (team members, or other fixed cost resources) and assigns orders to them.
  • The Team members (TM) are notified of their orders, create their own sub-tasks and, upon tasks completion, their orders are flagged as “complete”. As a result, the actual budget and the actual workload are re-calculated to encompass the updates.
  • Going backwards, Team Leader(s) are notified of the orders' completion and they proceed to orders' evaluation to confirm this completion. Only then, can the associated requirements and deliverables be flagged as fulfilled/delivered.
  • All these activities affect the actual project's progress, and the manager can monitor this progress with a single mouse click on his Gantt chart.

Gannt Chart

Planning and Design

The powerful Gantt chart gives you the ability to represent the timing of any work-package or group of tasks required for your project’s completion. You can change the duration and the actual dates just by dragging the activities in the Gantt chart. Through the Gantt chart, you can define your WBS, milestones, dependencies, and workloads to determine the critical path, in a unified interactive planning and sharing manner. Through your Gantt Chart you can:

  • Create Work Packages
  • Create multiple Work Schedules inside Work Packages
  • Assign Work Packages and Schedules to Users and Groups to inform the right poeple and their involvement
  • Define constraints between schedules such as (FS, FF, SF, SS) and get inline with your PMI or PRINCE2 WorkBooks!
  • Automatically obtain your critical path
  • Assign Income to schedules
  • Assign expenses to schedules
  • Modify your schedules and visually see your Gantt updated
  • See the actual progress on top of the planned one in real time!
  • Zoom in to focus on certain time periods for better progress inspection


Resource Management

Project team management

Assign individuals to user project-based defined roles or groups exploiting the organizational chart. Build your WBS easily and inform your team leader on the fly. Track project progress and get constant real-time updates of tasks assigned to your teams. Monitor task assignees and access their workload through powerful timesheets.

Requirements management

Exploit your Gant chart to define for each work schedule the list of requirements, and assign these to multiple elements of your WBS. Define multiple levels of requirements’ dependencies in a codified and traceable manner. Hyperlink your requirements with actual documents and follow their completion rates. You can even link requirements to external resources responsible for their fulfillment.

Deliverables management

Associate your tasks to requirements and to deliverables. Link multiple deliverables to elements of the WBS. Hyperlink multiple documents to your deliverables and associate those to external resources. Manage on the fly any WBS alterations that may be introduced due to deliverables modifications.

Workload management

Allocate multiple resources to tasks and team schedules through the powerful Resource and Workload dashboard. Track your workload accumulation at all times at the project and enterprise levels. Be informed instantly of workload distribution to identify over-stretched or redundant resources.

Resources and cost management

Resource Cost Management

Dynamically define and plan both human and fixed internal or external resources. Manage task assignments, resource availability, roles, and workload rates. Assign multiple resources to multiple projects and automatically be informed of redundant or overstretched resources. Explore the plethora of available timesheets to have at all times clear picture of your teams progress.

Scheduling / Execution

Team scheduling

Seamless team formulation and task scheduling is easy and can be done on the fly. Ability for project managers to apply their team member updates to track project progress. Dynamic assignment of members to project-defined roles and groups.

Task scheduling

Schedule unlimited task assignments to your team leaders and members. Assign individuals to team schedules, orders and tasks through a unified task scheduling mechanism that tracks each task assigned at project and enterprise levels.

Kan Ban Board


The echo-model by its nature integrates a powerful and effective visual KanBan tool for supporting team leaders in monitoring the work progress and their just-in-time deliverables. Comidor KanBan alleviates team leaders’ burden of work-in-progress (WIP) monitoring by revealing and preventing bottlenecks dynamically.

Monitor and Control

Burndown Diagram

Burndown chart

A burndown chart in the dashboard displays the work remaining, providing graphical representation of work left to do versus time as this is ideally defined in the project planning phase when the manager and team leaders assign workload to given resources.

The manager can immediately identify any deviations from the scheduled workload consumption and take actions to remedy problems. Placed next to the milestones chart, both graphs give provide a first look and feedback of the project’s progress

Milestone Diagram

Milestones chart

Establishing milestones is one of the most important steps in planning and executing projects, and should be perceived as the cornerstones of project planning. Milestones are defined in Comidor PM as distinct attributes of team schedules in order to landmark the progress that should be made at a certain future point. At the dashboard milestones are shown in a time based graph for easy and quick follow up

Milestones are defined in Comidor PM as distinct attributes of team schedules in order to landmark the progress that should be made at a certain future point. In the dashboard milestones are shown in a time-based graph for easy and quick and easy follow-up.

Reports and analytics

Project Management Report mechanism offers:

Project Management Analytics

  • Status reports showing completed/ incomplete tasks, milestones, requirements and deliverables coverage overview
  • Project status reporting
  • Project performance reporting
  • Production of reports across multiple projects
  • Ability to save reports as templates for later use
  • Cross-project reporting
  • Interactive graphical report editor
  • E-mailing reports to users
  • Export reports to MS Office and Open Office formats

Project Management Analytics offers:

  • Project/Program analysis to support investment decision-making
  • Project/Program analysis for investment portfolio management
  • Project/Program analysis for budget and cost control
  • Project/Program analysis for benefit measurements
  • Project/Program of project resource usage analysis
  • Project/Program of budget versus actual cost analysis
  • Project/Program timing and variance analysis

The Platform